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Watches of Nixon


Nixon Watches: The Board Sports Enthusiast’s Watch of Choice

Nixon specialise in accessories for winter sports enthusiasts, skateboarders and surfers. The brand is known for its ultra-stylish, highly functional watches that blow the competition out of the water. A Nixon watch isn’t your run of the mill watch, but a carefully designed timepiece made with board sports enthusiasts in mind. Nixon watches are known for their functionality and minimalistic looks. Their designers don’t bother with unnecessary rubbish; instead their Premium watches are also available in a number of different looks and styles. It’s this strategy that’s made them so successful.

Classic Watch Designs by Nixon

Nixon’s classic watches will add a little extra something to your day-to-day look and can be worn with anything, even a suit and tie. The women’s range is bursting with slender, feminine designs and sparkling metallic finishes. All watches are equipped with such handy features as:

  • Pin sharp, high-definition display technology
  • Waterproof housing
  • Hardened mineral glass
  • High quality Quartz mechanism
  • Luminous or light-up face
  • Calendar, alarm and countdown timer

Watches for Surfers

It was their collection of surfers’ watches that made Nixon famous overnight. Aside from their looks, Nixon Surf Watches are fitted out with surf specific features like precise tide time indicators and wave counters. What’s more, all this technology works perfectly in the water when any other watch would give up the ghost, thanks to stainless steel, durable rubber, PU and silicone wrist straps.

Durable Watches with Stainless Steel Housings

Surfers, snowboarders and skateboarders are perfectionists. So are the folks over at Nixon. The brand sells a whole range of “team designed - custom built”, durable watches with stainless steel housings that work and work and work and…

Digital Watches - At a Glance

In sports you need to be able to tell the time in the blink of an eye. Clear, high-res digital displays make it a breeze to check the time at a glance. Turning up to work late is a thing of the past - sorry, dude.

Timeless elegance - the Leather Strap

Fashion conscious watch wearers keep coming back to the leather strap for its timeless style: classic without being pretentious and with a pinch of vintage. Featuring a double wrapped wristband, the Kenzi wrap watch is a refined choice for ladies who want to have all eyes on them. Who can say no to that?

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