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Burton Living Lining Assets


Innovations in outerwear technology are changing the way we stay warm and dry. Comfort relies on versatility, which brings us to Burton’s new Living Lining thermo regulating technology.

What’s thermo regulation? It’s a technology built into a jacket that allows your body to stay comfortable, even when temperatures outside are constantly in flux. Living Lining, found in all Burton outerwear, works within a three-layer system*, reacting to your body heat for regulated comfort.

*Also available in a two-layer system

Here's how it works. As your body temperature changes, Living Lining kicks into action. The first layer: a waterproof shell keeps the elements out while releasing internal moisture to keep you dry. The second layer: breathable insulation keeps you warm and works with the smart fibers to vent heat-robbing moisture. The third layer: smart fibers open as your body warms up to increase breathability, and contract as you cool down to trap heat, maintaining comfort.

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