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Skateboard tricks for advanced skaters

Skateboarding never gets boring - even professional skaters still learn new tricks constantly. If ollies, shove-its, 180s, kickflips and heelflips are already in your repertoire, it's time for new tricks! Blue Tomato team rider Marco Kada shows you some advanced flips here.

About time to take your skateboarding to the next level and to work on new tricks. If you are still lacking inspiration for your goals for this skate season, we have a few suggestions for you with the tips you might need to accomplish them.

Set goals for the coming season!

In this guide, Blue Tomato team rider Marco Kada introduces you to more challenging tricks and explains what to focus on. So you can learn them quickly and cross them off your list.

Step by step: The 360 Shove-It

The 360 Shove-It not only looks incredibly good in lines, but opens the door to many other tricks. It's the big brother of the Pop Shove-It, but this time your board rotates 360 degrees under your feet. The trick sequence itself is very similar to the Pop Shove-It – but you need more momentum to turn the board the full 360 degrees under your feet. For the Tre Shove-It, your back foot should be firmly in the pocket of your tail to give your pop a lot of momentum. It is best to place your front foot parallel to the screws. When you pop the skateboard, make sure that your back foot moves the tail backwards to initiate the turn. Your front foot holds the position above the deck. When the skateboard has turned completely underneath you, catch it with your front foot and land with both feet safely on the deck.

It gets more technical: The BS Bigspin

With the BS Bigspin you combine a BS 180 with a 360 Shove-It. Simple mathematics. If your BS 180s are feeling good and the 360 Shove-It works, you can try the BS Bigspin. The foot position is similar to a 360 Flip. The front foot stands just behind the screws and is slightly angled. The heel should slightly hang over the rear edge. Place your back foot in the pocket of your tail. With the BS Bigspin it is very important not to flip the skateboard and to pop with the back foot strongly. As you pop the skateboard, make sure that your shoulders turn in the BS 180 direction. Note: The board still only rotates 360 degrees underneath your body rotating 180 degrees. Et Voila, the BS Bigspin!

Stylish: The Nollie Heelflip

Before you try the Nollie Heelflip, your Nollies should be safe. Ready? Go for it!

The foot position is similar to a normal Nollie. The only difference is that the toes of your back foot are hanging just over the edge of the deck. This makes it easier to do the heelflip. After you have popped with your front foot over your nose, pull your back foot backwards along the front edge of your deck. This initiates the heelflip rotation and you will gain height. As soon as you see your griptape under your feet, catch the skateboard and land the Nollie Heelflip!

Love or hate it: The Varial Kickflip

You can do a Pop Shove-It and a Kickflip? Combine the two into a Varial Kickflip!

This trick is the intermediate step to a Tre-Flip, but the skateboard turns only 180 degrees around the transverse axis. Place your back foot straight on the tail and your front foot angled slightly behind the screws. Make sure that you push your back foot backwards like a pop shove-it. At the same time, your front foot initiates a Kickflip. It is important not to overturn the skateboard. As soon as you see the griptape, it's time to catch the skateboard. Have fun!

Time for fakie tricks: The Fakie 360-Flip

The Fakie Treflip is easier for some skaters than "normal" 360 Flips and still looks pretty cool. This trick should definitely not be missing in your repertoire!

For the Fakie 360-Flip you obviously roll into the fakie direction. You have the same foot position as in the normal Treflip. Your back foot (which is now in front in the direction of motion) is in the pocket of the tail (your fakie nose) and the front foot is slightly angled behind the screws. Your front foot initiates the flip movement and your back foot turns the skateboard horizontally. Catch the trick with your "flip" foot and pull your back foot. Boom - Fakie Treflip!

Normal Heelflips are boring? Try Switch Heelflips!

For Switch Heelflips the foot position is the same as for a Nollie Heelflip. You only roll in the switch direction. Marco got into the habit of looking in the same direction as Nollie Heelflips for Switch Heelflips. Of course this is a matter of taste. Your back foot is on the nose and your front foot is slightly looking over the front edge of your deck. The important thing is, like with the Nollie Heelflip, to pull the heel of your front foot along the edge. This will give you a high and stylish Switch Heelflip. When the deck is completely flipped and the griptape is visible under your feet, catch the board and land the flip!

More tips and tricks will follow!

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