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Snowboard & Snowwear – save money with a set

Right now, all snowboards and snowwear are cheaper when you buy them as part of a set. Pick your winter setup of either a snowboard + bindings or a snowboard jacket + pants and save up to 10 % in our shops or online. You can choose one of our recommendations or put your own set together.

To give you even better tips we have pre-compiled some snowboards and suitable bindings together. We have also matched jackets and pants. The best part of this deal? You’ll always save up to 10 %. It doesn’t matter which snowboard setup or outfit - the set is always cheaper. You can either select the products individually in your shopping basket or take one of our pre-made sets. In the shopping basket, you’ll see how much you’ve saved. If together, the snowboard and binding cost more that € 650, then you get a 10 % discount. If the combined price is below € 650, then you get 5 % off the set. For snowwear, the threshold is € 400. Get your new outfit or setup now and have fun putting it together

Snowboard Set

Snowboard set (Snowboard + Binding) up to € 650 = 5 % discount

Snowboard set (Snowboard + Binding) over € 650 = 10 % discount

For all non-Euro currencies, the current exchange rate applies.

Find a new snowboard, matching bindings and save money with a set.

Snowwear Set

Snowwear set (Snowboard jacket + pants) up to € 400 = 5 % discount

Snowwear set (Snowboard jacket + pants) over € 400 = 10 % discount

*For all non-Euro currencies, the current exchange rate applies.

Combine the newest snowboard jackets and pants to keep your style fresh and wallet happy.

How do the sets work?

It's super easy: click on your snowboard and choose your size. Scroll down further, and you'll get suggestions which binding would fit on your chosen board. Choose your perfect match from different bindings and add the set to your shopping cart. Or, you simply add a board and binding of your choice into the shopping cart. That's how you benefit from a discount of up to -10 %.

The snowwear sets work the same. Choose a snowwear jacket or pants and get suggestions, or add a jacket and pants of your choice to your shopping cart and you benefit from a discount of up to -10 %.

If you’re not sure which snowboard is perfect for you, then check out our Buyer’s Guides. Of course, we have a guide for snowwear too, so you can find the outfit which suits your style.

To the Snowboard Buyer’s Guide

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