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A clean collaboration of three friends creating limited edition designs fuelled by their culture, music taste and the people that surround them.

Originally formed in 2004, as a garage headwear start-up. The brand name is inspired by the British punk band The Clash, had humble beginnings. Their practice: to make timeless pieces that are high quality and limited that you will cherish for years to come.

Gap for some caps

Founders David Stoddard, Jason Young and Mike Chapin were all formal employers of the extreme sports giant, TransWorld Media. They saw a break in the market for their headwear designs. Launching with caps, Brixton expanded into jackets, wovens, pork pie hats, fedoras and t-shirts. Whilst still being a young company, the range continues to grow.

A touch of surf rubs off on the aesthetics from the lifestyle the trio grew up in. There is a lean towards a skate style too. This is not a deliberate development but has naturally resonated within these communities. The brands remains to aim to be diverse and not to stereotype themselves nor other as anyone one thing.