Skateboarding is for everyone

Skateboarding is for everyone - no matter what gender, background, style, music taste or nationality. Everyone is welcome to experience the highs and lows skateboarding can bring. Watch our new video campaign for 2022 featuring several Blue Tomato team riders, all gathered on a beautiful day in Vienna.

Skateboard culture is rich and deep and has from day one embraced everyone to join it! It sure may seem like it's a very tight group from the outside, but once you've risked a peek inside, there's a whole world to explore. From riding styles to expressing yourself through clothing, brand choice or music, everyone can find their spot in this diverse community. Skateboarding is very hard to learn, but those who endure all the fails and frustration of not landing a certain trick forever will gain the respect and become a part of the community that has so much to give and teach! It doesn't matter if you want to skate bowls with big kneepads on or throw yourself down rails and stairsets while blasting heavy metal on your earphones (or Mariah Carey, honestly, your choice!), you can skate only flat and have the time of your life or speed through pump tracks surf-style. You can wear ripped up jeans or a summer dress, shave your head or rock hair all the way down your back, skate in oldschool big shoes or sleek sneaker-like silhouettes (we do highly recommend it being skate shoes though). And everything in between - skateboarding is for everyone!

Skateboard Hardgoods

If you're new to skateboarding, we recommend learning the first steps first.
Also always better be safe than sorry and wear protection, especially when you're still a little unstable on the board.

Don't worry about being the only girl at the skatepark. a) there are more than you'd think and b) you'll be welcomed with open arms if you really want to skate.

You can read all about what skateboard is best for you in our buyer's guide or just go into one of our shops and have our employees help you out!

Skateboarding is for everyone.