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Pic: Hannes Mautner

How to clean your skateboard bearings

Pic: Hannes Mautner

We explain how to quickly clean your bearings in 10 steps. They perform better and last better when clean.

Skateboard bearings run best when they are free of grit and dirt. When skateboarding, they get dirty which affects their performance and increases wear.
To make sure they last a long time and stay in top condition, clean them regularly. We show you how to do it.

If you are not sure that your bearings need cleaning? Do the hearing test: Spin the wheels fast and listen to the sound. Clean bearings run quietly, dirty ones grate because of the grit inside them.

10 steps to clean skateboard bearings:

  1. Remove the wheels with a skate tool. Be careful not to lose the washers.
  2. Wipe your wheels, trucks and bearings with a dry cloth to remove all dirt from the outside.
  3. Use the truck axle as a lever to push the bearings out of the wheels. Wheels have two bearings on each side, separated by a spacer.
  4. Take off the shields with a small flathead screwdriver. Then you should see the balls in the retainer.
  5. Wash the bearings with benzine (or similar) in a solvent-resistant container or the Bones Bearings Cleaning Unit. Shake the container and let it sit for a while.
  6. After the dirt has come off, you can take the bearings out of the container again. Let them dry completely.
  7. Check if they are clean: Hold the inner race, spin the outer race and do the hearing test.
  8. Lubricate the inside with grease or speed cream to make them run smoothly and reduce wear.
  9. Put the bearing shields back on to protect the inside from dirt.
  10. Now the bearings and spacers can be inserted back into the wheels and the wheels back on the trucks.

Don't forget: If your bearings get wet, dry them quickly. Rust can build up after quickly which will damage them.

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If you want more tips? Watch this video from Bones Bearings.

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