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Best Foot Forward Europe Tour

Best Foot Forward 2022 is back! After an amazing tour last year and a great winners trip to the US, the biggest skate contest in Europe is finally starting into the next round.

Since 2017, the Best Foot Forward tour has been making its rounds through Europe in search of ambitious amateur skaters who share the fun of skating as much as we do. The fourth edition of the tour started on the 30th of April in Vienna, where the three best skaters can qualify for the Grand Final in Innsbruck. But instead of 10 stops, this year there are 11 stops in 7 countries.

Recap of the previous tour stops in 2022:

1. Stopp: 30.04.2022 in Vienna - AT, Copa Beach Skatepark

2. Stopp: 14.05.2022 in Maribor - SLO, Maribor Skatepark

3. Stopp: 26.05.2022 in Hamburg - DE, TSG Bergedorf

4. Stopp: 28.05.2022 in Berlin - DE, Skatehalle Berlin

5. Stopp: 18.06.2022 in Vantaa - FI, Terminaali360 Skatepark

6. Stopp: 02.07.2022 in Chur - CH, Betongarta Skatepark

Register now:

7. Stopp: 16.07.2022 in Ulm - DE, Reithalle Ulm

8. Stopp: 30.07.2022 in Düsseldorf - DE, Skatepark Eller

9. Stopp: 06.08.2022 in Bulle - CH, Stones Family Skatepark Bulle

10. Stopp: 13.08.2022 in Oslo - NO, Skur13 Skatehall

11. Stopp: 28.08.2022 in Amsterdam - NL, Zeeburg Skate Park

The classic BFF format remains the same:

Jam Format:

  • Quali-run for boys & girls
  • The best boys proceed to the final runs.
  • The best girls will be ranked by their quali-run
  • 2 riders per heat
  • 2 minutes per heat

Followed by a fat cash for tricks session

Like last year, the U20 riders (until birth year 2003) will have the opportunity to earn points for the World Rookie Tour Ranking at each BFF Tour stop:

Follow us on Instagram @bestfootforwardeurope to stay up to date and to not miss out on any further information.

Register here for the stop in your city:



Timetable Ulm - Reithalle Ulm:

11:00 – 14:00: Registration & Warm Up

14:00 – 14:15: Riders Meeting by Stefan Ebner (DE & EN)

14:15 – 17:00: Qualifiers

17:00 – 17:30: Finals

17.30 – 18.00: Cash4Tricks - anyone can participate!

18:00 – 18:30: Prize Giving

*Times may change depending on the number of participants


Our Sponsors:


DC Shoes is an American company that is known for their comfortable footwear for action sports, including skateboarding and snowboarding. The company also manufactures apparel, bags, accessories, hats and much more. DC is a long-time partner of the BFF Tour, and we look forward to another year together.


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STS Skate CO

Spred the Shred. STS brings top quality skateboards with creative designs to the world! They have been part of the tour since last year and joined the winners of 2021 together with the Blue Tomato event team through the nicest skateparks in LA and the surrounding area.


Gives You Wings.



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Jetzt Entdecken


Tour 2022

6. Chur - 02.07.2022

On the 2nd of July the Best Foot Forward Tour stopped for the first time, this year, in Switzerland at BETONGARTA Skatepark - Chur.

With 40 riders from 6 nations, sunshine, an awesome level of skating and fantastic hot dogs from Rollbrettclub Chur/Word Skateboard Factory it definitely was a day for the books.

Image Credit: Urban Engel

Pictures Chur



1st place: Bruno Simoes

2nd place: Micha Kowner

3rd place: Noam Lichtenstein


1st place: Julia Grenacher

2nd place: Sarah Luna Jäger

3rd place: Lena Riggenbach


1st place: Vendelin Züger

2nd place: Luis Lingg

3rd place: Ziegler Sebastian Gallusser


5. Vantaa - 18.06.2022

At the 5th stop of the Best Foot Forward Tour the finnish weather just would not align with our plans.

Luckily however, the Terminaali360 skatepark in Espoo offered us not only a dry location on short notice but also an amazing indoor set-up.

Compared to our other stops the amount of participants was rather manageable. But 21 skaters from Finland showed an amazing level of skating and the atmosphere at the contest was amazing.

Another unique highlight of the day was the HELride Pool Jam!

Image Credit: Arttu Heikkine

Pictures Vantaa



1st place: Aapo Olervo

2nd place: Briston Basola

3rd place: Toivo Palomaa


1st place: Sanni Mantilo


1st place: Eero Kurki

2nd place: Veikko-Matias Vuorenpalo

3rd place: Toivo Kivistö


3. Hamburg - 26.05.2022 + 4. Berlin - 28.05.2022

What a skate weekend!

This time there was not only one contest - we took advantage of the extended weekend and added a second tour stop.

BERLIN and HAMBURG - it was an absolute honor.


The third tour stop in Hamburg at Allerfornia Skatepark was our biggest tour stop so far with 70 riders from 6 nations.

Even though the finale & the Cash4Tricks session unfortunately wasn’t doable, because of the rain - the good vibes weren’t spoiled and at the prizegiving the winners were celebrated to the fullest.

The team from Allerfornia Skatepark made a real festival out of our stop, so besides our contest there was also a great side program, including a graffiti workshop.

Image Credit: Luke Betts


Two days later, we visited the Skatehalle Berlin for our fourth tour stop. And once again, the boys & girls showed their skateskills. We welcomed 60 riders from 7 nations to Berlin this year.

After an incredible final, there was a huge Cash4Tricks session at the double set. After a successful contest day - the participants and spectators ended the day with a skate video premiere in the skate yard of the skate hall.

Sandro Brett - „Lost my teeth“ by Denito


"Borderless" followed by Danny Brown’s Part "BREXIT" by Marmol International Skate Media

Pictures Hamburg
Pictures Berlin

Podium – Hamburg


1st place: Djai Marchena

2nd place: Deniel Cramer

3rd place: Mike Brauer


1st place: Julia Plaggenborg

2nd place: Sterre Maijer

3rd place: Malia Möller


1st place: Jesse Klös

2nd place: Emeth van d. Berg

3rd place: James Wright

Podium – Berlin


1st place: Vitus Silas Sondrup

2nd place: Gino Körner

3rd place: Deniel Cramer


1st place: Melika Nazari

2nd place: Freja Sande

3rd place: Julia Kühne


1st place: Jesse Klös

2nd place: Emeth van d. Berg

3rd place: Claudio Magno

We say THANK YOU to everyone who was there and are already looking forward to the next Best Foot Forward Tour stop on 18.06. in Vantaa, Finland!


2. Maribor - 14.05.2022

After a successful start of the tour in Vienna, the second Best Foot Forward Europe tour stop in Maribor was also a full success!

With 59 skaters from a total of 10 different nations, the rider field in Maribor was very international, similar to last year.

Good weather, the perfect Maribor Skatepark and the good vibes of the spectators and skaters made the event a very unique spectacle. Thanks to everyone who came out!

Next Stopps Hamburg & Berlin!

Credit: Drago Emberisic

Pictures Maribor



1st place: Agustin Aquila

2nd place: Martin Atanasov

3rd place: Mitja Tezak


1st place: Julia Placek

2nd place: Dora Grabecz-Horvath

3rd place: Rajana Spiljak


1st place: Patric Ilut

2nd place: Frenk Martinsek

3rd place: Zak Topolovec

Image Credit: Drago Emberisic & Gal Vrbnjak


1. Vienna - 30.04.2022:

The Best Foot Forward Europe Tour celebrated its 2022 Tour debut on 30th of April at the Copa Beach Plaza skatepark in Vienna. With sunny weather, good vibes and a top skatepark, the skaters got the crowd going.

With many familiar faces as well as many new riders, the tour kick-off with 52 riders from 7 nations became a true spectacle.

Another highlight was the very successful Cash4Tricks session with banger tricks on the stair set. You had to be quick, because with so many creative tricks, the money was quickly spent.

Image Credit: Phillip Carl Riedel

Pictures Vienna



1st place: Santino Exenberger

2nd place: Marcell Dessewffy

3rd place: Yakov Terrell


1st place: Julia Placek

2nd place: Nadia Scherer

3rd place: Sterr Meijer


1st place: Ilias Karamichailidis

2nd place: Patric Illut

3rd place: Ziegler Aime Samuel Yas

Image Credit: Phillipp Carl Riedl


Recap: Winnerstrip USA 2022

Together with the winners of 2021 the journey started directly to sunny San Francisco USA. Once there, everyone grabbed their skateboards and started exploring different Skateparks and iconic Skatespots around the city. The crème de la crème of the whole trip were the visits to: Thrasher, Deluxe, Brailleskate, NHS INC. and a trip to Los Angeles to the Berrics. Apart from skating, what made this trip so memorable were the nice dinners, the conversations, and the new people they met.

Recap: Best Foot Forward European Finals

After 10 amazing stopps, with more than 500 skaters from 21 different countries, Best Foot Forward went to Innsbruck for the BIG FINALS. On the 02.10.2021 the 40 best skaters from 13 countries came together & showed why they gained a spot in the European Finals!


1st place: Martin Atanasov- @martin_sk8atnsv
2nd place: Lenni Pfeiffer - @lennipfeiffer
3rd place: Santino Exenberger - @santinoexenberger

1st place: Liv Broder - @liv.broder
2nd place: Julia Placek - @july.sk8
3rd place: Jeromine Louvet - @jeromine.louvet

Check out the Recap Clip:

Full Recap Clip:

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