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Sustainability at Iriedaily

IRIEDAILY has accepted the challenge of making its collections and work processes as sustainable as possible. Sustainability is on everyone's lips currently, but it should not be understood as a trend, but rather as a long-term action and duty of everyone, as we, above all, want to secure a future for the next generations. We agree on that, right?

Those who don't know Iriedaily have really missed something and should read this post. Many only know the Berlin brand from the skate and streetwear sector but we can promise that there is much more to IRIEDAILY than just a fashion brand! First, let's take a look at their new fall / winter collection:

Now it's time we put the facts on the table: The owner-managed Berlin fashion label always does a little more. With their creative designs of every collection - true to its DNA #STAYDIFFERENT. This fall/winter collection runs under the claim "Stay Human". But not only that! It is even more important that IRIEDAILY is implementing even more sustainability topics to their company: from organic cotton to the use of recycled polyester and nylon as well as the fact that almost all products are vegan! The brand not only pays attention to sustainable production of the fashionable styles, but also pays attention to the implementation of its corporate social responsibility. IRIEDAILY supports various projects against racism, of course offers apprenticeship positions, leads fair and long-term relationships with their business partners and much more.

One of the most central points, however, is their membership in the Fair Wear Foundation with a leader status, because in the textile manufacturing process, attention must be paid to the resource 'human' just as much as raw materials:

Who is the Fair Wear Foundation?

The Fair Wear Foundation is an NGO that, with its members, pursues the permanent goal of constantly improving working conditions and wages for workers in the textile manufacturing industry. Precisely for this reason, IRIEDAILY joined the Fair Wear Foundation in 2016 and, in accordance with the FWF's guidelines, was able to achieve FWF Leader status in 2018! The good thing about the FWF is that they don't issue their members with a certificate on which they can rest! Definitely not! Every member has to create a social report every year and his actions are examined and evaluated by the FWF's Brand Performance Check.

Additionally, the eight FWF working guidelines (Code of Labor Practices) are checked regularly:

1. Free choice of work

2. Freedom of the own opinion and the right of collective bargaining

3. No discrimination in the workplace

4. No exploitation through child labour

5. Payment of living wages

6. Appropriate working hours

7. Safe and healthy working conditions

8. A legally binding employment relationship

PETA Vegan – For the well-being of all animals

IRIEDAILY has been relying on vegan products for some time and since August this year all vegan IRIEDAILY products have also been "PETA Vegan" certified. Thus, it has now been sealed once again by official bodies that IRIEDAILY does not contain any animal materials such as Fur, silk, wool, down, animal glue or leather are processed and other great animal-free alternatives are used instead. Much effort is put into making looks, functionality, and protection the same or better than products made with animal products or tests.


Now we learned that Iriedaily does a lot to respect their employees. Furthermore, the welfare of animals is important to them. But a big part is still to come. From what materials are the extremely colourful styles made of and what has Iriedaily optimized:

IRIEDAILY mainly uses recycled polyester & nylon from waste products from the textile industry and from old clothes for its jackets. The advantage of this “cradle-to-cradle” principle is that the quality of the material is much better and the material can be recycled again and again in the textile industry. Like this, no new raw materials have to be wasted. We like it!

Latest from Iriedaily

Everyone is talking about sustainability these days. That's a good thing, but is an example of what Iriedaily does and why you just have to love this brand for its commitment. In the following Instagram post you'll find an update from their Corporate Social Responsibility Manager Isaac about Iriedaily's behaviour, their goals and achievements when it comes to sustainability:

CSR Manager Isaac Update:

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