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O'Neill Blue Collection

With the blue collection, O'Neill takes responsibility for our environment. The production of the styles contributes to protecting our nature by using sustainable materials.

In 1952 surf legend Jack O'Neill invented the wetsuit because he wanted to surf longer. That passion connects O'Neill to the oceans. As a brand that was created to enjoy nature, a clear mission developed: To actively protect our planet and contribute to a cleaner, more sustainable world. In 1966 Jack O'Neill created the Sea Odyssey to educate students on being conscious with the sea and the environment.

Today, around 70 years later, we are feeling the effects of pollution more clearly than ever. O'Neill commits to actively reduce their ecological footprint, so that future generations can experience that same inexplicable feeling we have when we enjoy nature.

Our Ocean Mission

Jack O’Neill once said, “The ocean is alive and we have to take care of it.” And so O’Neill is committed to protecting the oceans for generations to come. O’Neill Blue isn’t about seasonal trends, or a single capsule, this is about our longstanding commitment to the health of the oceans and everything that they offer us. The brand is on a mission to have a 100% sustainable collection by 2025. Join the "Our Ocean" mission.

The O'Neill Blue Label

O’Neill Blue products were designed for durability, more circularity and towards a better future. That’s why they currently have a minimum requirement of at least 50% preferred materials in a style to be classified as O’Neill Blue, and they will continue to raise this bar in the upcoming seasons.

From O’Neill’s spring/summer 22 collection 86% are from the O’Neill Blue line. This is a massive jump forward on Our Ocean Mission considering that the spring/summer 21 collection was just 70% O’Neill Blue.

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Materials & initiatives of the collection

  • Organic cotton

O'Neill uses organic cotton that is produced naturally without the use of pesticides and with 91% less water compared to the industry standards. This helps keep our oceans, rivers and lakes free of harmful toxins.

  • Better Cotton-Initiative

BCI works directly with the environment, farmers, and communities to make sustainable cotton available worldwide.

  • Recycled yarns by Repreve®

Repreve® is made from recycled plastic bottles that are cleaned and then processed into yarn. This is how plastic waste is reused in new clothing. Pretty cool, isn't it?

  • Recycled nylon by Econyl®

For most board shorts and bikinis, O'Neill uses Econyl®, which is made from discarded fishing nets and other plastic waste from the oceans. Recycled ocean trash is turned into new board shorts and bikinis for your next surf trip.

  • Recycled polyester and recycled polyamide

Check out O'Neill on Instagram @oneilleurope if you want to know more.

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