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Skateboard Decks and Completes for Street, Pool or Halfpipe

Skateboard Deck: The board with a bend at both ends

It all starts with choosing the right Skateboard Deck length for your size and riding style. It also partially determines the right trucks and wheels for your setup.

  • Skateboards with a width between 7.75” and 8.25” are particularly good for street skating and technical tricks.
  • Decks between 8.25” and 8.5” are great for taller riders or riders with bigger feet. They are also suitable for park and pool riding.
  • Skateboards about 8.5” are excellent for mini-ramp, halfpipe and cruising.
These values are a general guide for beginners and can differ depending on personal taste. In addition, to the width of the deck the right concave shape is crucial to your riding. If you want more detail, have a look at our Deck guide for beginner through intermediate to expert level riding. We have brands like, Girl, Almost, Zero, Darkstar, Blind, Cliché, Baker and Jart – Just to name a few, all with different widths and concaves. 

Skateboard Trucks: Robust for Grinding, Light for Ollies

The Skateboard Trucks – or trucks for short are the metal T-shaped attached to the bottom of your board. You should make sure that your Trucks are of an equal width as your deck. The height also plays an important role in how your board feels.

Tip: The Height of the Trucks

“The higher your trucks, the bigger you can go with your wheels” 

The baseplate attaches the trucks to the board. Then there is the hanger, onto which the wheels are attached. The large screw which holds the whole trucks together is called the kingpin. On the kingpin there are large rubber washers called bushings, these allow the board to be steered correctly. For your skateboard, you need two trucks, but not Longboard Trucks (Reverse Kingpin Trucks), which are too wide.

Bushings – tuning for your trucks

Bushings are the two rubber rings which are mounted upon the kingpin, not only do they add a bit of colour to your setup they are also responsible for the feel and performance of your trucks. They come in a variety of different shapes and hardnesses, which can change the feel of your board from stable to playful. If you have problems or want to change the standard bushings provided with your trucks, it is easy to adjust to your riding style.

Skateboard wheels – for Street, Park or Vert

The Skateboard Wheels are available in a variety of different sizes, hardnesses and colours. Wheels are commonly made from polyurethane a soft but durable plastic. The size (diameter) and hardness (durometer) of the urethane determine the correct use of the wheels.

Tip: The Hardness of your Wheels

“Hard and small wheels are better for skating street, softer, larger wheels are better for skating halfpipe, mini ramp and cruising.”

Longboard Wheels only work with Longboard Decks and trucks, due to their size.

The diameter of a skateboard wheel is usually between 50 to 60 millimetres. Smaller wheels are generally a little slower but make technical street tricks easier. Bigger wheels go faster and are better suited to uneven surfaces and vert as well.

The hardness of the wheel is judged from an A scale, which goes from 1 for soft all the way to 100 to very hard. Soft wheels offer more grip and are better suited for rougher terrain. Harder tires are generally faster but are less forgiving, they are better suited for advanced and expert riders. There is a B scale of hardness, however being even harder, beginners should avoid such wheels due to their difficulty and tendency to break.

Bearings: The Right Accompaniment for your wheels

You need the right Bearings for mounting your wheels to the trucks. In short, the bearings allows the wheels to keep rolling long after you push off and not slow down. In each bearing, there are two round rings of metal with a set of small steel or ceramic ball-bearings between them. We have bearings from manufacturers such as Bones Bearings, Shake Junt, Pig Wheels, Independent and Element.

Tip: Bearings for Longboards and Skateboards

Bearings for skateboards and longboards are the same, unlike wheels you can’t go wrong at this point.”

ABEC ratings are a standard industry method to measure the precision of a ball-bearing manufacture. An ABEC signifies the fault tolerance of a specific bearing. The higher the ABEC rating the higher the fault tolerance level and subsequently the long the bearing will last. A higher ABEC rating does not necessarily mean a faster bearing, so let us get that myth out of the way.

Skateboard Hardwear

In order to mount your trucks your deck, you will need eight matching nuts and bolts. The mounting hardware as the set of screws is known, come in Allen Key and Phillips head screwdriver options. Different colours can help you distinguish between the otherwise symmetrical nose and tail of your board. If you are using riser pads in conjuncture with your trucks, you will need to take this into account when buying hardware as it will need to be longer.

Skateboard Griptape

Griptapes are sold individually. When you peel off the adhesive side of the griptape, so can stick the glue side directly to the surface of your deck. A Stanley knife or a razor blade can be used to trip down the tape to the shape of your deck.

The griptape is coarse-grained sandpaper on the top of your board, it gives the right friction to perform simple or technical tricks such as ollies and flips. You can choose between different grain sizes, colours and patterns. Mob Grip make particularly eye catching designs for your board. If you want a more simple design we have griptape from, Mini Logo, Element, Jessup and Kingpin.

Skateboard Riser Pads

The flat plastic parts called Riser Pads, come between the trucks and the deck, increase the distance between the wheels and the board itself. With the use of Riser pads, you can mount larger wheels without suffering from the dreaded wheel bite. If the space between the wheels and the deck is too low, the two will rub when making tight turns and can slow you down or even throw you from your board. For wheels smaller than 55mm, you usually don’t need riser pads.

Complete Skateboards for Beginners

For beginners, we recommend a Complete Setup. These are already fixed assembled skateboards, which are ready to go straight after purchase. All the components of such boards are compatible and offer a solid introduction to the sport of skateboarding. Our buyer’s guides will help you get started with a complete or individually assembled skateboard.

For the Kids: Micro to midsize skateboards

Children and adolescents up to a height of 160cm are likely to find a full-sized deck, from 7.5” very difficult. For this reason, we offer a selection of complete set-ups for smaller skating fans.

Micro Decks
– With a width between 6.5” and 6.75” are for kids up to a height of 105cm or a shoe size 36. Boys and girls under 5 years old will benefit from the reduced width, length and weight of the board.

Mini Decks
– Usually 7” wide and suit children up to 135cm tall with a shoe size of between 37-39. This size is good for children of approximately 6-8 years old.

Mid Deck
– With a width of 7.3”, they suit children and adolescents with a height of about 160cm and maximum shoe size 41.

Skate Shoes – The right shoes with cushioning

If you have the right shoes from the start it makes tricks so much easier. Skate Shoes have better dampening properties and have reinforcement at critical high-impact areas.

The specially formed soles, combined with the cushioned insoles give more comfort for ollies, but also just cruising. Ordinary Sneakers will not necessarily generate enough friction with the grip tape for tricks. Special rubber reinforcements don’t just protect your shoes from holes, but also protect your toes from harm. We have skate shoes from brands such as Lakai, Vans, Etnies, Nike, DC, Supra as well as dozens more well-known manufacturers.

Tip: Skate Shoes

“The skate shoes is the link between the skateboard and your feet. It is worth buying a good skate shoe in order to get the most from your skateboard”
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