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The Snowboard Jacket: The functional garment that offers protection and turns heads!

There is hardly any other item of clothing that is as versatile as the snowboard jacket. There is something out there for freestylers, who are looking for the perfect steezy look, as well as for freeriders, who prioritize features and functional materials. The different styles, features and accessories of labels such as Burton and co. make up a huge selection, so that you are sure to find yourself the perfect jacket.

From the right style for après skiing, to an increased water column for backcountry adventures, there are countless features out there. That’s why it’s important to know what you see your snowboard jacket’s main use as. If you’re facing many a gruelling, sweaty climb, then a highly breathable jacket with an integrated ventilation system is advisable. If all this effort is then to be followed by a slope-full of powder, then powder skirts and a high water column are essential for preventing snow and moisture from getting through.

To make your choice easier, we have organised the most important snowboard jacket features in detail below. So, keep an overview and at the same time snap up your perfect, laid back men’s snowboard jacket!

Men's snowboard jackets

It can be an advantage, especially when pulling fast spins in the park, when your jacket’s fit is a little looser. You will appreciate this much-needed freedom of movement and comfort. However, you should not hamper yourself down with unnecessarily loose fitting clothing. For large jumps, where you must build up a lot of speed for the take-off, a more fitted jacket will produce less air resistance. A regular fit is also recommended for free riding, so that the snow has less contact surface and you stay drier for longer.

Water column and sealing:
This indicates how waterproof your jacket is. The higher the value, the more waterproof the material. So no moisture and water penetrates inside. You should look out for a sufficiently high water column when you come into contact with a lot of snow. This is the case with powder snowboarding, or when you feel unsure on the slopes in snow or rain. In addition, glued and welded seams at critical points are important to prevent water and snow from penetrating.

This indicates how many grams of water vapour per square meter can escape the material within 24 hours. This factor is important for ensuring that you remain dry underneath your jacket. If, for example, you have many a strenuous backcountry climb ahead of you, we recommend a jacket with high breathability. Examples of breathable materials are GORE-TEX® and Sympatex®.

Ventilation system:
This system acts in compliment to the breathability. When you suddenly get hit by the sunshine that you didn’t feel through the thick trees then this system is very practical. Zippers, mostly located in the underarm, back and torso areas, open up channels that help to regulate your temperature. The result - you stay cool and dry, even during physically strenuous activities!

All-weather riders and freeriders, who stir up a lot of powder, should make sure they go for snowwear with a hood. This way, nothing falls down your neck and you stay dry. Many hoods are also helmet-compatible, ensuring the perfect fit.

Powder skirt:
A powder skirt is, above all, recommended for free riders and backcountry riders. This feature stops any snow from pushing up from below the snowboard jacket. It is especially advantageous in new and deep snow. Many jackets offer a Jacket2Pants system, which enables connection of the powder skirt and pants. This means that snow has no chance of getting under your clothes, even on extremely steep slopes and during turns.

Depending on whether you ride with or without a rucksack, you need more or less space for your additional equipment and accessories. In the park & pipe, as well as for freestyle, a rucksack is often a hindrance. It is especially with these riding styles that you should pay extra attention to the size and number of pockets that a snowboard jacket offers for your equipment. For your convenience, we also recommend having an extra pocket for your ski pass and ski goggles.

Depending on the label, for example, Burton and The North Face, different linings and systems are available. So you can choose between feather down, merino wool and artificially created insulation materials such as Primaloft®. Additionally, some jackets are fitted with an inner vest. They are generally made of fleece or other such comfortable materials for optimized wearing comfort. Depending on the temperature or heat, this inner vest can be used or removed.

Men’s snowboard jackets and the style factor: Alongside excellent functionality, snowboard jackets also promise to be eye-catching atop your snowboard!

Men's snowboard jackets

Riders and labels place great importance on the style factor, especially when it comes to snowboard jackets. This means that the choice of colours and styles out there is especially large. So we are glad that we can always rely on labels such as Volcom and O‘Neill in this matter.

What’s more, there are two different outer systems to choose from: Soft and hardshell jackets.
Softshell jackets provide warmth, are breathable, and use soft water and windproof materials for outer protection. They are also flexible and available in more fitted cuts. The result - a cool style.

Pro Softshell

  • Provide comfortable warmth
  • Breathable
  • Water and windproof materials
  • Flexible
  • Tailored cut
Hardshell systems, for example from Colour Wear, are reliable no matter what the weather conditions. The outer layer is made of a premium membrane, which locks out water and moisture at the same time as being breathable from the inside-out. They are also very durable and suitable for even the hardest riding action.

Pro Hardshell
  • Ideally suited to harsh environments and weather
  • Completely water, moisture and windproof
  • Breathable
  • Durable

Now that you know about all of the differences and features out there, you can set off on your hunt for the perfect snowboard jacket. Simply keep in mind what the main use for your jacket will be, and how your snowboard riding style is. Any way, you are guaranteed to find your ideal jacket and accessories, including beanies, gloves, bags, pants and much more, at the Blue Tomato Online Shop.