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Snowboard Swap - Swap old for new

You've already fallen in love with a new snowboard, but you're not quite sure yet? Are you still tied to your old snowboard, but it's a bit outdated? Then we have just the thing for you! With our Blue Tomato Snowboard Swap, we not only want to do something good for you, but also for the environment.

Swap in Shop

The easiest way to swap is at your local Blue Tomato shop. Just bring your old snowboard, choose your new one and save € 50 on the purchase price.

Swap by Post

If you don't have a Blue Tomato shop near you, you can also do your swap online and exchange it by shipping. We will pay the shipping costs.

  1. You fill out the snowboard swap form.
  2. We will send you the shipping label and a swap contract by e-mail.
  3. You pack your snowboard, enclose the exchange contract and send everything off.
  4. We will send you the Snowboard Swap voucher by e-mail as soon as your board has arrived.
  5. You shop for your new snowboard and redeem the voucher in the checkout.

Our Partners

A part of history

We donate special pieces to the Snowboard Museum at Hochkeilhaus (Austria). This unique museum gives a wonderful insight into the history of snowboarding. Over 100 exhibits show the development of our beloved board sport - from simple constructions to modern high tech snowboards.


The old snowboards that end up at Happy Snag are destined for further adventures. They are upcycled into compact snowsurfers that are easy to transport. This way, the boards can stay true to their vocation and provide further fun in the snow instead of ending up in the landfill. It doesn't get any better than that!

Happy Snag also uses natural cork for the traction pads and the holding ropes are made from 100% recycled plastic bottles.

The guys from NoK Boards use the well-preserved snowboards and breathe a second life into them as surf skates.

NoK is short for "Not Ok", a term used in the industry to label products that do not pass quality control. NoK is using these products as their raw material and a source of creativity.

Unique artwork

Morten Kveen is a visual artist from Oslo with a big passion for skateboarding and snowboarding. He paints on donated snowboards to turn them into unique pieces of art.

His goals are to inspire people to either shred or make their own art. We are very happy to support him in this.

Our Swiss upcycling partner Arbes transforms old snowboards into creative one-offs in their workshop. They make key rings for Blue Tomato.


Can I exchange snowboard bindings, skis or other products?

No, the offer is only valid for snowboards. Please remember to remove your bindings before you trade in your board.

Can I trade in snowboards that I did not buy at Blue Tomato?

Yes, we accept snowboards from all retailers and brands.

Can I exchange a damaged snowboard?

Yes, as long as it is in one piece.

What is a Snowboard Swap voucher?

You will receive a Snowboard Swap Voucher worth € 50 when you trade in your old snowboard with us. You can then use this voucher on your new snowboard.

Can I use the Snowboard Swap voucher on other products?

No, it is only valid for the purchase of a new snowboard.

Can I exchange more than one snowboard to get more Snowboard Swap vouchers?

No, only one snowboard per person can be exchanged for a Snowboard Swap voucher. You can also only use one Snowboard Swap voucher when buying a new snowboard.

Can I combine the Snowboard Swap voucher with other promotions or discounts?

Yes, you can combine the Snowboard Swap voucher with promotions such as the set offer. The voucher is also valid on reduced snowboards.

From which countries can I participate in the Snowboard Swap?

You can participate from all EU countries. In addition, we also offer the Snowboard Swap in our shops in Switzerland.

Can I get packaging material from Blue Tomato for shipping?

No, we want to avoid double shipping to protect the environment. We recommend cardboard boxes. However, it is also sufficient if you pack your snowboard with paper.

What happens to my old snowboard?

We would like to donate the majority to charities and local upcyclers. We also reserve the right to resell snowboards to third parties or dispose of them.

Why do I have to sign a trade-in contract?

The exchange contract secures you and Blue Tomato. It also sets out the terms and conditions of the exchange.

Snowboard Swap Form