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Bataleon - The Snowboard Brand behind the Unique 3BT Technology

11 years ago Bataleon started a board shaping revolution that has lead us to a marketplace with over 100 different board shapes alongside traditional camber. The development from camber to rocker and everything in between happened pretty fast, but it was Bataleon who introduced their revolutionary 3d base shapes after years and years of tinkering. Bataleon was the first company to really strive for better snowboards and eleven years later, they’re still at it.The brand has over 10 years of experience creating boards and are best known for their unique Triple Base Technology (3BT) which makes turn initiation easier, still gives you stability at higher speeds plus even more float in powder. Their boards are more playful and forgiving as 3BT combines the best features of both traditional and reverse camber boards. TBT makes snowboarding more fun - fact.

Bataleon Knows Snowboarding - Freestyle and Freeride

Since the very beginning of snowboarding people have been searching for the ultimate snowboard shape. It was only in the year 2000 that they struck gold and ever since then they’ve been refining and polishing the idea, focusing in particular on the camber of their boards.3BT boards have a whole host of advantages over flat base boards. For example a 3BT board’s dynamic edge rocker gives you full edge contact while the smooth increasing angles keep the turn smooth and the camber loaded for super fast edge to edge transitions. The lifted edges guarantee playful park riding as well as amazing floatiness in powder.There are several different 3BT shapes to choose from:

  • Jib 3BT - with true twin construction for jibs and urban riding.
  • Twin 3BT - for park and all-terrain riding, easy presses and heaps of stability on rails and landings.
  • Asym 3BT - mimics the asymmetric nature of your body, giving you more freedom on your toeside and more stability on your heels.
  • Twin Pow 3BT - Narrow centerbase and high sidebase uplift on a true twin shape, this will change the way you’re riding powder.
  • Freestyle 3BT - the most all-round of the 3BT shapes, perfect for park riding and cruising, with less twitchiness at high speeds.
  • Freeride 3BT - for hard riding on and off the piste. Slightly set back with increased uplift in the nose for more float in powder and harder carves.
  • POW 3BT - made for surfing powder. Way back stance, with insane uplift angles for effortless float. It even holds its own on the slopes.

Super Comfy and Packed with Features - Bataleon Snowwear

Bataleon snowwear is made of high quality materials and jam packed with all the features you expect from top end outerwear. Here are just a few of the features and technologies built in:

  • Stay in Place Fit™ keeps your clothes where they’re meant to be even in the most extreme situations.
  • Smart Pleats™ offer a little extra room for manoeuvre in those places you need it most.
  • Bat Pits™ let you wave your arms in the air like you just don’t care, without your jacket sliding up.
  • Helmet Hoodini 2™ means your hood will fit, helmet or not helmet.
  • Free Zips™ let you easily open and close vents with just one hand.
  • Pant Elevator™ technology keeps your pants out of the mud by letting you hoist them up and secure them comfortably.
If we’ve got you excited about Bataleon products - and it’s hard to see how you wouldn’t be by now - check them out at Blue Tomato where you’ll find a huge selection of rad products.