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Leutkircher - Daniela Hochmuth © Jakub Sedivy


Author: Maren

Leutkircher - Daniela Hochmuth © Jakub Sedivy

Protecting the winter together. This is the common goal of Protect Our Winters (POW) and Blue Tomato, because we all need winter!

When it slowly starts snowing outside, we wake up from our summer sleep and our heart opens. We are children of the winters. Snow is our ultimate lifeblood. That's why it's important to protect our beloved season, so that we can make air jumps at the first snowflakes every year and shred through the fine powder.

But it is not only our passion, which is in danger. Many jobs also depend on winter and snow. In Austria, almost every 14th job is directly or indirectly dependent on winter sports.

But it doesn't look good. The past decade has been the warmest in history. 2016 was the hottest year measured and 2017 did not look any better. The poles are melting. Winters are getting shorter and shorter.

For this reason, Blue Tomato supports the organisation POW - Protect Our Winters Austria from the very beginning. It is committed to raising awareness among the winter sports community of the effects of climate change on our mountains.

For me, winter is more than just a season. Through my hometown of Schladming, my connection to the snowboard scene since its creation, and the founding of Blue Tomato I am a kind of' Winterholic. Seeing climate change without doing anything against it is simply not an option. That is why I am firmly convinced that it is more than the time to proactively counteract global warming. The partnership between Protect Our Winters and Blue Tomato is not only logical but also a matter of heart.

Gerfried Schuller - Winterholic and founder of Blue Tomato

Blue Tomato and POW fight together and support various projects. In the Blue Tomato Online Shop you will also find products bearing the POW logo. Blue Tomato donates 50 percent of its profits directly to the environmental organisation. This way to the POW-products.

Protect Our Winters (POW) International was founded in 2007 by snowboard pro Jeremy Jones, who has experienced the impact of climate change on our beloved winter through his life as a snowboard pro.

Daniela Hochmuth © Lisa Günther

Daniela Hochmuth © Lisa Günther

Today, POW is an organisation made up of diehards, professional athletes and industrial brands that works to lead the winter sports industry towards climate protection measures. Through educational initiatives within the scope of the project "Hot Planet Cool Athletes" for schools in the Austrian Alpine region, various cooperations with companies and various other activities, climate protection is to be put into the spotlight.

The POW Riders Alliance consists of an active community of skiers and snowboarders, including Elias Elhardt, Daniel Vonach and Lorraine Huber. Younger riders are also involved in the organisation as part of POW Union.

Vali Werner-Tutschku © Flo Gassner

Vali Werner-Tutschku © Flo Gassner

If you want to get more information about POW Austria, click here.

It is not only the big industrial groups that need to change their mindsets, you too can do something to protect our winter. Inform yourself, think about your acting and make others aware of climate change. You can support POW by joining the association (costs €20 per year). For this you have access to exclusive events with the POW riders and you get a 20% discount on POW items. Furthermore, you are welcome to contribute your support in the form of your own assistance in the association.

We all need winter!

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