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Mini Hearts

Crab Grab Mini Hearts

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Färg: pink
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Kundtjänst: +43 3687 2422 333
Storlekstabell för Crab Grab - Pads

Customizable traction from Crab Grab: wherever you need extra grip

The Crab Grab Mini Hearts are self-adhesive stomp-pads for snowboards. Simply stick on and go.  One-foot tricks and long journeys on drag lifts are much more comfortable.


  • Artikelnr.: 272647
  • För:
    • Herrar
    • Damer
    • Pojkar
    • Flickor
  • Materialspecifikationer: 100% PU
  • 4 per pack
  • Dimensions: 5,7 cm x 5 cm each
  • C-FOAM: Squishes into your boot treads for maximum grip

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Om Crab Grab

Wanting to shift the focus back to stylish snowboard trick, Dawn and Preston Strout founded Crab Grab in 2010. With silly images and a happy-go-lucky attitude the idea was to inspire snowboarders to have more fun. They wanted people to enjoy the simple, stylish, creative fun which is the true foundation of snowboarding.