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Fanning Falcon Driver 32.5" Surfskate

YOW Fanning Falcon Driver 32.5" Surfskate

€ 269,95 € 329,95 18 % prihranek
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Barva: uni
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Služba za pomoč strankam: +386 188 880 20
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Mick Fanning X Yow: A collaboration for more power on the streets and in the water. 

With the Fanning Falcon Driver, 3-time surf world champion and power surfer Mick Fanning and Yow have created a surf skate that delivers stability for power turns and excellent control, even at high speeds.
The generous 18.5" wheelbase with a flat nose, the high concave for best stability and the pronounced kicktail ensure excellent performance. 
Bringing Mick Fanning's power surfing to the street is no easy feat. Nevertheless, the Fanning Falcon Driver delivers the feeling of aggressive, vertical turns and absolute control very closely. 

The artwork completes this collaboration perfectly and underlines Mick's love for speed and the apparent lightness in his surfing. 

Riding style
The movement on the YOW board is so similar to that on a surfboard that it acts as a surf trainer, as you directly learn the posture and weight shift required for surfing. The Fanning Falcon Driver is especially suitable for hard power turns for which you need a lot of stability. 

The YOW System
The wide rotation of the front truck allows extremely tight turns. The YOW Meraki Surfskate System comes with a completely revised design for the front truck. All dispensable parts of the old YOW system were removed without changing the patented spring system. The essential parts of the front truck were strengthened, whereby additionally some weight could be saved.

The trucks and wheels are perfectly adjusted to the board. The soft 80A wheels provide the best grip and speed, even on rough surfaces. The deck comes in a proven maple wood construction.


Barve koleščk se lahko razlikujejo zaradi pomanjkanja zalog.


  • Lastnosti
    Medium concave for versatility
  • Št. Izdelka: 688766
  • Spol:
    • Moške
    • Ženske
    • Otroke
  • Riding Style:
  • Širina deske: 10 inch
    1 inč = 2,54 cm
  • Dolžina (inch): 32.5 inch
  • Širina: 25.4 cm
  • Dolžina (cm): 82.5 cm
    1 inč = 2,54 cm
  • Namestitev podvozij: Top mount
    Namestitev drop-through ali top-mount
  • Medosna razdalja: 18.5 inch
    Razdalja med sprednjim in zadnjim podvozjem. 1 inč = 2,54 cm
  • Širina osi: 9 inch
    Zunanja širina podvozja vključno s priponko, ki drži koleščke. Širina podvozja naj bi bila približno enaka širini deske. 1 inč = 2,54 cm
  • Velikost koles: 66 mm
  • Trdota koles: 80A
    Ponavadi od 75A (mehka - tiha, oprijemljiva) do 101A (trda - hitra, tehnična)
  • Tekalna površina: 51 mm
  • ABEC ležaji: 7
  • Mick Fanning X Yow Falcon Driver 
  • YOW Meraki Surfskate System 
  • YOW URA 80A Wheels
  • 7-ply USA Hard Rock Maple
  • Jessup Grip Tape
  • Abec 7 Bearings









Zaloga v trgovini

O znamki YOW

A passion and dream turned reality. YOW surfskate was created by three Spanish brothers who wanted to be able to come together in the same way as they did surfing as youngsters, even when there might not be an ocean near by. YOW surfskate is the closest thing to surfing on land, and its goal is to give you the same happy and relaxed feeling as cruising a wave. Each board is handmade with love and affection in the YOW factory in Spain.

Najboljša cena garantirana
Najboljša cena garantirana
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Varno plačilo s SSL
Euro-Label certificirano
Euro-Label certificirano

Pomoč uporabnikom (vsi časi v CET)

+386 188 880 20

pon.-sob.: 08:00 - 22:00  

ned.: 17:00 - 22:00  

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