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Express Tuner

Toko Express Tuner

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Handy pocket tool for simple edge preparation.

With this Toko device in your pocket, you can easily sharpen the edge on the slope.



  • Št. Izdelka: 358464
  • Za:
    • Moške
    • Ženske
    • Fante
    • Punce
  • Selectable angle 87° or 88°.
  • Incl. Express Tuner File 40mm (5549872)
  • compact edge grinder with two grinding angles
  • for regrinding the side edges with 87 or 88 degrees
  • including high-quality 40mm universal file from ICECUT
  • including diamond file for removal of hardenings
  • suitable for files and grindstones with 40mm length
  • ideal to take with you on the slopes

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TOKO has kept everything running smoothly for over 100 years. Whatever the conditions on the mountain. They have the most advanced technologies with an eye of the environment. The Swiss ski and snowboard servicing experts will get you through the season. You can rely on them.

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