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Salt & Silver REISEN SURFEN KOCHEN/ Lateinamerika Knjiga

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The best Travel Cook Book for Surfers

Shotguns to their heads in Mexico, swimming in the Amazon-River in swarms of Piranhas, Surf sessions between sharks and seals on the Galapagos Islands – what Cozy & Jo went through on their journey through Latin America is impossible to tell in just a few sentences. To capture the entire story it takes 320 pages full of stunning photography, more than 100 exotic recipes, tons of illustrations from artists from all over the world and a guide to Latin Americas best surf spots: the Salt & Silver Surf – Travel – Cookbook. No matter if you are surfer, foodie, traveler or all of it: this book offers you a lot of inspiration and a deep personal insight into the vibrant culture of Latin America. Enjoy the ride!

Find out more about Jo's and Cozy's adventure in Peru, Ecuador, Costa Rica, Nicaragua, Mexico and Cuba.



  • Št. Izdelka: 355048
  • Za:
    • Moške
    • Ženske
    • Fante
    • Punce
  • Publisher: Brandstätter 
  • Johannes Riffelmacher, Thomas Kosikowski
  • ca. 320 pages
  • 21 x 28.6 7 cm
  • Hardcover

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