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Barryvox S Plazovne Žolne

Mammut Barryvox S Plazovne Žolne

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The avalanche transceiver with unconditional reliability when it counts - the Barryvox® S

The new Barryvox® S is not just the avalanche transceiver with one of the largest receiving bandwidths and one of the widest safely usable search strips on the market. Where the Mammut® avalanche transceiver really stands out is its intuitive operation. Top performance and simple ease of use can mean a critical time-saving. Especially under stress.

Powerful Search
With a search strip width of 70 meters (digital mode) and a reliably usable receiving bandwidth of up to 70 meters, the Barryvox® is an among the top devices worldwide.

Easy Handling
From an easy-to-read display to buttons that can be operated even wearing gloves, shock-proof and break-proof housing, intuitive acoustic search guidance and a revolutionarily simple visual interface, the Barryvox® shows that powerful performance does not need to be complicated.


  • Digital/Analog combi-device with 3 antennas
  • Range approx.:  More than 70 m
  •  Analog search strip width: 100 m 
  • Digital search strip width: 70 m
  • Weight: 210 g (including batteries)
  • Batteries: Alkaline / Lithium (3 x AAA 1,5 Volt)
  • Battery life: Alkaline: ca. 300 hours send
  • W-Link frequency: 869.8 MHz (Europe) / 916-926 MHz (North America)
  • Transmitting frequency: 457 kHz
  • Norm / Standard: EN 300718


  • Št. Izdelka: 469645
  • Lastnosti sond:
    • Stikalo za avtomatsko iskanje in oddajanje
    • Istočasno iskanje več oddajnikov
    • 3 antene
  • Za:
    • Moške
    • Ženske
    • Fante
    • Punce
  • Teža: 210.0 g
  • Smart search
  • List of buried subjects
  • Rescue SEND
  • Auto guidance
  • Alternative analogue search mode
  • Extended search range
  • Language and start screen personalisation
  • Advanced search settings
  • Vital data
  • Lithium battery enabled

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Mammut was founded in 1862, and is the oldest outdoor company in the world. Specializing in skiing and mountaineering, the Swiss company produces high-quality gear that ensures your safety in the great outdoors.

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