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Crab Grab Mega Claws

€ 14,95
z DDV brez stroškov dostave
1 Ocene (5.0)
Barva: black/red
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Služba za pomoč strankam: +386 188 880 20
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Grab it like a Crab! 

Crab Grab develops so called traction products which provides ultimate grip even only one foot is strapped. Try out the Mega Claws for your way to and from the chairlift or for one-footers - they will not let you down. Crab Grab is 100% positive that you will love them: they offer fantastic traction, they look amazing and they smell terrific. When these Mega Claw™ samples arrived at Mt. Hood this summer, Crab Grabs team riders had them on their boards quicker than two crabs humping a jackrabbit. An instant classic!


  • Št. Izdelka: 211744
  • Za:
    • Moške
    • Ženske
    • Fante
    • Punce
  • Specifikacije materialov: DUAL C-FOAM™
  • C-Foam™ - Crab Grabs specifically formulated rubbery foam blend that’s lightweight, heavy duty, and grabs like a crab
  • 4EVA Glue™ - When properly applied, these things should stay on forever
  • Gripples™ - Crab Grabs signature texture: tiny little gripping nipples for maximum grippy-ness

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O znamki Crab Grab

Wanting to shift the focus back to stylish snowboard trick, Dawn and Preston Strout founded Crab Grab in 2010. With silly images and a happy-go-lucky attitude the idea was to inspire snowboarders to have more fun. They wanted people to enjoy the simple, stylish, creative fun which is the true foundation of snowboarding.