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C7 6.5 (C2) Surfskate Eje Set

Carver Skateboards C7 6.5 (C2) Surfskate Eje Set

€ 159,95
IVA incl. gastos de envío excluidos
Color: uni
Tiempo de envío de 3 a 5 días laborables
Servicio de atención al cliente: +43 3687 2422 333
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Realistic surf-feeling for the streets

The C7 truck set from Carver Skateboards was designed to transfer the smooth, dynamic movement of surfing to a skateboard. The striking similarity to the movement on a surfboard has made the C7 the choice for surf training by pros and amateurs alike.

The Carver C7 truck set consists of two different trucks: The C7 reverse kingpin truck at the front offers fantastic manoeuvrability for tight turns and allows effortless pumping. The C2.4 old school truck at the rear offers perfect stability.


  • Artículo nº: 364613
  • Riding Style:
  • Tipo de estructura/laminado: aluminium
  • Montaje de ejes: Top
    Sistema de montaje «drop-through» o «top-mount»
  • Ancho del eje: 6.5 inch
    Ancho de la parte principal del eje, sin contar el tornillo donde se ubican las ruedas. 1 pulgada = 2,54 cm.
  • Género:
    • Hombre
    • Mujer
    • Niño/a
  • C7 surf-truck set
  • Front truck: C7 6,5''
  • Rear truck: C2.4 6,5''
  • Four Carver riser pads









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Sobre Carver Skateboards

Bringing surfing to the streets, but how? A waveless summer in Venice Beach inspired Greg Falk and Neil Carver to experiment. In an old garage behind their house, they began to tinker with skateboards and in particular the trucks. Nowadays, Carver surfskates are in a class of their own and you can train for your next surf session every day.