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Time to get nostalgic with the new retro styles

The retro style of your grandparents are here to stay: Overalls, wide-leg pants, corduroy caps and button-up shirts are not only back, but hipper than ever. The look is above all comfortable and perfect for everyday life - skating, chilling or in the city. But before you go searching through your grandpa's wardrobe or the next flea market, you'll find the best key pieces and style inspirations right here.

What makes the look retro?

The cut alone does not make the style. The retro vibe has classic colours like orange, brown and shades of navy. And of course, don’t forget the right accessories for your retro revival outfit. Checkered or corduroy caps are the perfect all-rounders and round off every look. You can match them with classic sneakers such as Vans with checkerboard pattern or the vintage adidas Originals.