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Scott Sports - Nothing but Quality Product

Scott Sports don’t sell a lifestyle, they sell top quality sports equipment and active sportswear - it’s up to you what you do with it. For Scott it all began with the humble ski pole. Tinkerer Ed Scott started a revolution in the 1950’s when he brought the first aluminium ski poles to market. These days the company is active in the international winter sports, bike, motorsports and running scenes and these industries have Scott to thank for more than just one or two technological innovations - they also developed the foam ventilated ski goggle, Solar Blocker Lenses, revolutionary helmet technologies for safer winter sports as well as a number of important developments in the cycling world.

You Can’t Have Winter without Scott Ski

Freestyle und Freeride Ski von Scott bei Blue Tomato

Scott are no one trick pony when it comes to skis. Their range encompasses a number of freeride skis that are known for their versatility, creativity and ride quality. From fat powder skis to all round, high performance skis, all the way to ultra-light touring skis, there’s something for every skier. The brand work in close contact with their team riders, such as Freeride World Tour winner Loic Collomb-Patton and figurehead of the female scene and Austrian freeride queen, Lorraine Huber. Scott are also big on the freestyle ski scene and can count none other than US skier Tom “The Pretzel Man” Wallisch among their team riders. Whether it’s Wallisch’s pro model or another freestyle ski, anyone riding a Scott ski is guaranteed a feature-packed pair of planks. Here are just a few of the most important technologies:

  • Pro Tip rocker combines progressive construction with a larger shovel radius.
  • Twin-Tip rocker at the tips and tails for optimal float in powder. With traditional camber under the boot for extra stability.
  • Venturi-Tip rocker is a combination of a “hollow” shovel and typical rocker shape. The design guarantees better float and better tracking accuracy.
  • 3Dimensional sidecut combines two radii with a central, untapered, light sidecut beneath the binding. Tip and tail radii facilitate turn initiation.
  • Dual Radius combines two different radii for a more versatile, stable and forgiving ride.
  • Full Length wood core - a high-end word core from tip to tail of the skis makes for a harmonious flex.
  • Skin Fixation System makes attaching skins a breeze, whatever the weather.
  • Titanium coating for maximum durability. Long lasting impact resistance for riding rails without any problems.

Scott Hardware

Snowwear von Scott bei Blue Tomato
Location: Utah, USA Photo: Grant Gunderson

Staying true to their roots, this innovative brand is constantly developing their ski pole technologies for all mountain riding. With a choice of durable aluminium, light carbon fibre, or high-performance carbon matrix poles, you can’t go wrong. And why stray away from the path when the good stuff is right before your eyes? Scott Sports also make a range of excellent ski boots, functional snowwear and sunglasses. Their snow goggles come in sizes large to small and feature the Lens Change System (LCG) for quick lens changes, Air Control System (ACS) to reduce lens fogging, and the No Fog™ coating for that extra bit of anti-fog protection.

Scott also offer a range of avalanche airbags in various different sizes.

Understand and Protect Against Risks - Scott Protectors

Thanks to years of experience in the cycling and motorsport game, Scott Sports deliver A1 protectors and helmets for both summer and winter use. You can choose between robust hard-shell protectors and more malleable, comfortable soft shell protectors and their helmets fit like a dream thanks to their in-mould construction. Scott Helmets make pressure points, frozen ears and head sweats a thing of the past.

But don’t take our word for it, check out the Scott collection at Blue Tomato - you’re bound to find something for you.