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Float 2.0 Mtnpro Vest

BCA Float 2.0 Mtnpro Vest

€ 749,95
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Colore: black/neon yellow
Tempi di consegna da 4 a 7 giorni lavorativi
Servizio clienti: +39 0294 750 775
Tabella delle taglie per BCA - Zaini airbag

Designed to reduce injuries and trauma to the upper body the MtnPro Vest provides full front, side and back protection with 1 mm of hard shell sandwiched between two layers of PE foam. Includes zippered front pocket, adjustable waist belt and side panels, and D-ring tether loop for attaching sled kill switch. The refillable Float compressed air cylinder is the power and driving force behind our Float system. When the Float trigger is pulled, it activates the release of 3,000 psi (207 bar) of compressed air, inflating the airbag. Always make sure your cylinder is full and connected correctly before heading out. (Cylinder must be ordered separately. It isn't included with vest.)


  • Articolo numero: 577891
  • Per:
    • Uomo
    • Donna
  • Specifica materiali: Nylon con PU
  • color: Black - Warning Red
  • size EU: L-XL
  • weight (kg): 3.9
  • volume (l): 20l
  • weight (full systsem & with cylinder / kg): 3.9
  • weight (full system & without cylinder / kg): 3.252
  • weight (pack only / kg): 2.496









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Over 20 years of experience in avalanche safety makes BCA experts at their craft. Their hope is to not only give you the tools you need to stay safe in the backcountry, but also the knowledge. Their website provides a whole library of useful tips and tricks to make sure that you hopefully never have to use any of their products in a real life situation!

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