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Mkx Polvisuojat

Amplifi Mkx Polvisuojat

€ 89,95
Sisältää ALV:n ei sisällä Toimituskuluja
Väri: orange lucky green
Toimitusaika 16-20 arkipäivää
Asiakaspalvelu: +358 942 450 010
Kokotaulukko: Amplifi - Polvi- ja kyynärsuojat

MKX Knee Protection

The MKX Knee is a deceptively simple, seamless construction. Sometimes you need an evolution, and not a revolution - but the small changes we’ve made on the MKX light up riders faces when they realize they’re getting a Level-1 certified protector, with unrivalled comfort and breathability. This season we’ve added to the awesome seamless knitted sock to ensure even better fit and security - molded into into the protector’s tessellating hex pattern is a flexible patella ring. The patella ring locks in the location of the protector, provides additional protection and makes the MKX Knee even more comfy - without compromising on flexibility and breathability. Along the top of the MKX Knee we have also added a low-profile non-slip silicone strip to keep the protector from slipping off your thigh, no matter how hard you’re working. Keep it simple stupid: It took us a long time to get things to work this easily! Despite its simple appearance the advanced 3D knitted and direct injection technology we have used on the MKX Knee is truly cutting edge. The superlight construction means that breathability is unrivaled: Whether it’s cool air getting in, or hot air getting out - you’ll barely notice you’re wearing kneepads at all.


  • Artikkelinro.: 688219
  • Sukupuoli:
    • Naisille
    • Miehille
  • Materiaalin määrittely: 60 % polyesteriä, 30 % synteettinen elastomeeri, 10 % elastaania
  • Paino: 260 g
  • Suoja tyyppi: Polvisuojat
  • 3D Seamless Knitted Sock with Selected Flex Zones
  • Direct injected MKX Knee Protector with Knee Disc Ring
  • EN 1621-1:2012 Level 1, multi-impact
  • Thigh Hem Opening with 360° Non Slip Grip
  • Zero Waste Production









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Tietoa brändistä Amplifi

At Amplifi, you are used to falling down and getting up again. That is not a sign of weakness but part of the job, so to speak. They manufacture protectors in the middle of the German Alps that protect you while skiing, snowboarding and biking. Excellent quality, innovative designs and the unconditional will to offer only the best products drive development at Amplifi.

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Asiakaspalvelu (kaikki ajat CET)

+358 942 450 010

ma: 8.00 - 21.00  

la: 12.00 - 18.00  

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