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Sneakers for Women


Today’s Sneakers vs yesterday’s Pumps

Ladies sneakers

It used to be that women would wear pumps by day and high-heels by night. Maybe sandals in summer. These days, ladies are wearing slip-ons, ballerina shoes, high heels and women's’ sneakers. What was originally a sports shoe has become a mainstay of the fashion world. The right pair of sneakers can make any outfit work, whether it’s a sportier pair with jeans and shorts, or the chic combo of sneakers with a dress or skirt. Since Converse made waves in 1918 with the ankle high All Star, the urban version of the trainer has been in the fast lane. Men and women need sneakers like we need air to breath.

The Influence of Skateboarding and other Sports on Sneakers

Brands like VansDC Etnies and Volcom all come from the skate scene.“Youth Against the Establishment” as Volcom put it.
The sneaker became a symbol of freedom, of belonging to a movement, of being cool - an image it deserved then and still deserves now. Ladies who skate are nothing new, but with more and more girls finding their love for skating, there’s a new demand for good shoes, shoes that can withstand a hardcore skate sesh and still stand up to a night of partying afterwards. Skateboard shoes have padded EVA soles with extra grippy waffle or fishbone soles, as well as extra padded tongues and ankles. Robust materials like leather or high grade polyesters are used for the uppers. Sneaker collections like Stefan Janoski and Eric Koston’s pro lines from Nike bring the skate shoe and the sneaker together in one beautiful partnership. Nike’s Air Max technology also gives you that little extra padding just to keep on the safe side.

The combo of skinny jeans and canvas shoes makes for a rad post-skate outfit, but if you don’t skate or you're just looking for a more sporty style, check out brands like  adidas Originals or Puma to give your outfit that sporty twist. Similarly, more athletically styled sneakers from Nike will outlast any shopping marathon and save you from dreaded blisters. You’ll also find super comfy winter sneakers with warm, cosy linings, like the boots from Roxy.

All for one and One for All - Sneakers for every Lifestyle

Ladies sneakers

The sneaker’s biggest advantage is when it comes to travelling. Girls and shoes go together like cupcakes and icing and the right pair of sneakers can save you having to drag five pairs of shoes with you wherever you go. The musketeers were on to something when they said “all for one and one for all”. A good sneaker will go with anything, but should you find an outfit that doesn’t work, why not check Blue Tomato where you’ll find plenty more reasonably priced sneakers from a whole host of brands.