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Ordering tips

How to find the right snowboard, freeski, surf and skate equipment.

Finding the right equipment is not always easy, especially with a selection as wide as ours.
No need to worry, we will make sure that you find your perfect products. 

  • You can find everything about snowboards here.
  • Click here for all the freeski info you'll need.
  • For info on skateboards and skating equipment, click here.
  • You can find everything, you need to know about surfboards here.

Of course, our Customer Service agents will be happy to help if you have any questions.

How to find goggles that fit over glasses.

If you wear glasses while snowboarding or skiing, you need to find snow goggles with a large enough frame to fit over them. To do so, simply check the filter "Over The Glasses fit" (OTG) on the snow goggles overview page.

How to buy spray cans.

We love creative people and offer high-quality spray cans in our Blue Tomato shops. Unfortunately, you can't order these online, as the shipping of spray cans is problematic. So just come by one of our shops and stock up on your favourite colours.

You can buy spray cans in all Blue Tomato shops except for Schladming and Obertauern.