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We know: The Swedes can make furniture, but they have proved they can make outerwear too.
Swedish born, Åke Nordin recognised the market for durable and robust products as a 14-year-old. Nordin, tormented by uncomfortable and bulky rucksacks, which hung at waist height and caused back pain, quickly designed his own faithful companion. He understood that the higher he carried his backpack, the more comfortable the wearer felt. In a small shed next to his parents' house, he painted a wooden frame, sewed a sack of cotton, and attached leather straps to the construction.
The backpack frame is the foundation rock of the company and ancestor of the legendary  Fjällräven Kanken as we know it today.
Since 1960, the outdoor area has been unimaginable without fjällräven. The Scandinavian brand is expanding its outdoor equipment to bring us as close as possible to nature.
Only high-quality materials are used for the production of the innovative functional products for women and men. Outdoor fanatics worldwide do not want to miss out on the sought-after backpacks, accessories, snow and streetwear of the Swedish brand.
The logo of the brand is the Polar Fox. All Fjällräven designs get their inspiration from nature and meet their requirements.


Fjällräven clothing and equipment is assembled with the most innovative and modern technologies in the outdoor industry. For mountaineering fetishists and outdoor junkies, the fleece jackets, snow and streetwear and the stylish backpacks with iconic design are an integral part. This is not only because they are aesthetically pleasing and stylish but feel good too. The items offer optimum comfort and protect against all possible weather swings.
Coming from the far North, The Swedes are weathered and they know exactly how to protect themselves against it. This has given them the key to providing us with functional clothing that can be worn in nature and on the streets.


Fjällraven Outdoor The design of the brand: Functional, timeless, durable.
The goal: to let the bearers become one with nature.
Responsibility: To work towards sustainability.

Fjällräven produces all sorts of things the outdoor heart desires and sees it as a duty to strain the environment as little as possible. This goes far beyond the product range.
In 2013, the company introduced the "The Fjällräven Way" initiative to formulate the guidelines for sustainability. The compass with the four English initial letters of the heavenly directions as a symbolic signpost should not let Fjällräven come off course:

  • N: Nature and Environment
  • E: Economy & Business (Economic Performance)
  • S: Social and social responsibility
  • W: Well-being