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Photo Axis 37" Komplet

Arbor Photo Axis 37" Komplet

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  • 8.5
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Design and construction of highest quality

The Axis 37" of the Arbor Photo Series is designed for smooth downhill and carving sessions. The board offers a comfortable, stable ride, even at higher speeds.

Riding style
A versatile freeride board for creative skaters. No matter if you are cruising and carving in the city, or if you are gaining your first downhill experience at higher speeds.

The symmetrical shape is perfect for skating in both directions, whether forward or switch. With the drop-through truck mounting the board is one deck width lower than the top mount. The low centre of gravity increases stability and smooth running.

All Arbor Skate Decks are handmade and built from sustainable wood. The wide trucks in reverse kingpin design are manoeuvrable and very stable. The soft wheels offer a very good grip and roll smoothly over any surface. The deck consists of 8 layers of Canadian maple wood.


Note: Wheel and truck colours may vary due to stock shortage.


  • <span style=shop.detailspage.attributeandfeaturetextcomponent.title.default"/>
    Obsahuje udržitelné materiály, jako jsou organické nebo recyklované materiály
  • <span style=shop.detailspage.attributeandfeaturetextcomponent.title.default"/>
    Vyrobeno ekologicky šetrnějším způsobem
  • <span style=shop.detailspage.attributeandfeaturetextcomponent.title.default"/>
    Low concave for stability
  • productdetails.articleNr: 640535
  • Pohlaví:
    • Muže
    • Ženy
    • Děti
  • Popis materiálu: Drop Through
    Specifikace materiálu podle výrobce, změny jsou vyhrazeny.
  • Eko:
    • Recyklované materiály
    • Udržitelné
  • Riding Style: Freeriding
  • Šířka prkna: 8.5 inch
    1 palec = 2,54 cm
  • Délka (inch): 37 inch
  • Šířka: 21.6 cm
  • Délka (cm): 94 cm
    1 palec = 2,54 cm
  • Montáž trucků: Drop-through
    drop-through nebo top-mount
  • Rozvor: 27.75 inch
    Vzdálenost mezi předním a zadním truckem. 1 palec = 2,54 cm
  • Šířka trucku: 9.6 inch
    Šířka trucku včetně středové osičky, která drží kolečka. Šířka trucku by měla korespondovat se šířkou desky. 1 palec = 2,54 cm
  • Šířka hangeru: 7.1 inch
    Šířka hlavní části trucku (bez osičky). 1 palec = 2,54 cm
  • Ø koleček: 69 mm
  • Tvrdost koleček: 78A
    Obvykle od 75a (měkká - tichá, přilnavá) do 101a (tvrdá - rychlá, méně přilnavá)
  • Kontaktní plocha: 44 mm
  • ABEC třída: 7
  • Arbor Photo Series
  • Photo collaboration with Michael Townsend
  • 8-ply Canadian hardrock maple
  • Wood material comes from sustainable sources
  • Wood by-products are recovered for use in other products
  • Reverse kingpin trucks Paris 50° 180 mm
  • 69 mm, 78A Arbor wheels
  • ABEC 7 bearings











Arbor is seriously committed to building ridable and wearable products made from the best possible materials. Taking the environment into account along the way, they set in place "Returning Roots". A program which helps to protect and restore forests and gives back to the planet, the people and places that make it possible for us all to skate, snowboard, and surf. Materials, shaping, art, and design come together beautifully in every aspect of Arbors handmade products.