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Inspiration World Nerdy

Nerdy styles and playful accessories

Your grandpa and uncle Earl already know it: Bucket hatseye-catching shirts and socks'n'sandals are stylish direct hits. Skate brands such as Teddy Fresh, A.Lab, Vans, Rip N Dip and co. rediscovered those nerdy styles and accessories and gave them a fresh makeover. Their new collections come with crazy graphics, lots of colours and patterns – ordinary was yesterday!

Those nerdy styles are mainly about one thing: fun. So don't take yourself and your look too seriously and show your playful side. Crazy prints, "speedy" sunglasses and crew socks in freaky patterns are all the rage. And the best part is that being nerdy with style isn't at all uncomfortable. Anyone who had a Bucket Hat with them on a sunny day or skated with classic sneakers such as All Stars knows, how practical and comfortable they are. So: Hats on, socks up and you are ready to go!