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Skateboard Miniramp Trick Tips for beginners

Skateboarding is a sport with unlimited possibilities. This is not only because of the endless tricks but also because of the different places you can skate. If you have already gained experience in the flat or on small ramps, it's time for the Miniramp! Blue Tomato team rider Marco Kada will show you the basics to rock the Miniramp!

What exactly is a Miniramp?

The classic miniramp consists of two quarterpipes. So two quarters of a cross-cut tube, between which you roll back and forth again and again. At the top end of the quarterpipe is the "coping", usually a metal bar on which you can do tricks. Miniramps differ in how steep and high the transition of the quarterpipes is and how far away they are from each other. A miniramp is like a halfpipe, only smaller. Of course, all the tricks and tips mentioned here are ultimately applicable everywhere, whether it’s in a miniramp, halfpipe, quarterpipes or in pools/bowls.

For your first steps in a miniramp, we recommend starting in less steep and rather low miniramps, because they are easier to ride. You know where to find a miniramp? Then let's go!

It can feel a bit unfamiliar to skate a miniramp, so it is recommended to try rolling back and forth between the two quarterpipes. That way you'll get the right feeling quickly.

The tricks in the miniramp can be divided into different categories: Stalls, grinds, slides, airs, and more.

  • Stalls are tricks where you hold a certain position on the coping for a moment without making a lateral movement.
  • Grinds are tricks where one or both of your trucks move over the coping and grind on it.
  • Slides are basically the same, but with nose, tail or the middle of your skateboard.
  • Airs are, as the name suggests, tricks where you jump out of the miniramp.

Your first step: The Drop-In

Once you get used to the miniramp, it's time for a drop-in! The drop-in should definitely be your first step in a miniramp. Without it, you won't get much speed for your tricks. It is important to master the drop-in correctly.

For the drop-in, you stand at the top of the miniramp and put your tail on the coping, so that your nose is pointing in the direction of the other side of the miniramp. Step with your back foot on the tail in your usual foot position. Stay relaxed and put your weight on your tail. Position your front foot as centrally and straight over the front screws as possible, where you would also position it in the flat. This way you’ll have a good grip.

Let's go! It is very important to shift your entire weight to your front truck when you drop in. Press the front truck down really hard with your front foot onto the miniramp. Don't forget to shift your whole body forward so the board doesn't slip away underneath you causing you to fall backwards. This way you will learn the drop-in cleanly and avoid falls.

A little fear at the beginning is quite normal. Don't think about it too much and don't hesitate too long before the drop-in!

Time for tricks: The Rock to Fakie

If the drop-ins work safely and you already make it to the opposite coping, you should try your first real trick in the miniramp.

The Rock to Fakie is a great trick to begin with. For the rock to fakie you skate straight towards one of the two quarter pipes, bring your front truck over the coping and roll back fakie into the miniramp. Sounds easy, right?

Make sure that you drop as cleanly as possible into the miniramp and stay straight. Once you reach the top of the quarter pipe, lift your front truck slightly as soon as you feel or hear your wheels roll over the coping. The sound is a very characteristic one that will always accompany you when riding the miniramp. As soon as the center of your board is on the coping, your body weight should be slightly shifted over the coping. For extra style, you can hold the trick in this position for a bit and try to lift the rear truck. To get back into the miniramp, shift your weight back onto your tail. Lift your front truck slightly to avoid getting stuck on the coping.

The rock to fakie is basically an extension of rolling back and forth, where your board goes beyond the coping. This trick is relatively easy to learn and still looks good!

How to: Axle Stall

Are you ready to level up your miniramp skills? Then it's time for the Axle Stall.

It's not only great to learn or improve your backside 50/50 grinds, it's also an essential miniramp trick. For the Axle Stall you go up the miniramp, balance your board on the coping with both trucks and drop in again. Easy!

When going up the miniramp, make sure to turn your shoulders 90 degrees to get into the right position on the coping. Lift your front truck a bit to get up on the coping easier. Make sure you stay inside the miniramp, meaning not to go all the way on the top of the coping with your trucks. The drop-in at this point is a little bit more tricky than usual. Make sure you put some pressure on your tail so the nose lifts up slightly, turn the missing 90 degrees and drop in again.

It's time for Rock N' Roll!

Do you literally want to rock the miniramp? Then you better learn the Rock 'n' Roll quickly!

The Rock ‘n’ Roll is an extension of the Rock to Fakie. You just start by going up, lift your front axle as soon as you hear the "pop" from the coping, do a board stall and then turn 180 degrees around your body axis back into the miniramp. As soon as you stand on the coping, start turning your shoulders towards the miniramp. This way you already have the twist to drop straight back into the ramp. Sounds easy, doesn't it?

Have fun learning!

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