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Rolltop Lite Monochrome Edition Reppu

Got Bag Rolltop Lite Monochrome Edition Reppu

€ 149,95
Sisältää ALV:n ei sisällä Toimituskuluja
Väri: oyster
Toimitusaika vain 3-6 arkipäivää
Asiakaspalvelu: +358 942 450 010
Kokotaulukko: Got Bag - Reput

The world's first backpack made from marine plastic in a new, timeless look 

Clear & straightforward - designed for minimalists. The pared-down edition of the iconic ROLLTOP offers maximum flexibility and comfort with expandable roll-top closure, padded back and narrow shoulder straps. A separate, removable laptop sleeve holds a 15" laptop.

For every ROLLTOP LITE, Got Bag collects 3.2 kg of Ocean Impact Plastic.

Straps and buckles are made from recycled PET, and the eco-friendly, PFC-free coating keeps your stuff dry. Flexible, robust and water-repellent, it accompanies you through your everyday adventures and helps to rid our oceans of plastic waste.

How your new backpack is made from waste: 

  • Marine plastic is collected as bycatch by fishermen in Indonesia.
  • After cleaning, the PET content is shredded into pellets. The remaining plastic is disposed via the corresponding value chain.
  • A high-quality yarn is made from the marine plastic.
  • The yarn is used to create the fabric that is used to make your Got Bag.


  • Yksityiskohdat
    Sisältää kestäviä materiaaleja kuten luomu- tai kierrätysmateriaaleja
  • Artikkelinro.: 701273
  • Valitse:
    • Miehille
    • Naisille
    • Lapset
  • Materiaalin määrittely: 60 % Ocean Impact muovia, 16 % muita kierrätysmateriaaleja, 24 % muita kuin kierrätysmateriaaleja
  • Materiaaliominaisuudet: Vettähylkivä
  • Printti: Logoprintti
  • Eko: Kierrätysmateriaalit
  • Pituus: 42 cm
  • Leveys: 31 cm
  • Korkeus: 15 cm
  • Tilavuus (l): 26 liter
  • Repun ominaisuudet:
    • Kantokahva(t)
    • Läppäritasku
    • Ulkotaskut
    • Päältä täytettävä
    • Rinta-strappi
    • Pehmustetut olkaimet
  • Marine plastic fabric
  • Straps and buckles made from recycled PET
  • Water-repellent, PFC-free coating
  • Removable 15" laptop sleeve measuring 41 cm x 33 cm 
  • Filling volume: up to 26 litres
  • Dimensions: 42 cm (extendable to 63 cm) x 31 cm x 15 cm
  • If you roll up the opening tightly and close it, your RollTop is waterproof









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Tietoa brändistä Got Bag

Got Bag makes bags with a high content of recycled ocean plastic and thus contributes to protecting our environment. The brand collects ocean plastic from Indonesia which is then used to create robust upper material for backpacks. With strong partners like Sea Shepard, Coral Gardeners and the Pacific Marine Mammal Center they do everything they can to keep the oceans free from plastic.

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