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Lib Tech Wunderstick 118

Author: Nico

When you ask one of Mt. Bakers Pro Patrol which ski they think is the best for the changing conditions on their mountain, everyone is going to say Lib Tech’s Wunderstick!

Mt. Baker is one of the best known places when it comes to bountiful powder and record snowfalls. The Mt. Baker Pro Patrol are on the front line of this highly advanced and diverse freeride resort and we worked closely with them in the design of our new Wunderstick 118 even creating a unique graphic just for them. One of Lib Tech most advanced skis is born and ready to hit the POW. What works on Mt. Baker works for us here in the Alps at least as good. The snowfalls this winter are in no way inferior to Mt. Baker. The perfect Wunderstick conditions are waiting for you. So jump into POW.

Take a look how the Mt. Baker snow patrol works with their Wundersticks:

The Lib Tech Wunderstick 118 performs great on hard pack and has amazing edge hold on technical terrain. Playful rockered tips, combined with a solid width underfoot, lets you float above the pow and a medium firm flex, offers resort performance and dependable deep snow backcountry stability.

Mt. Baker Pro Patrol

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