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Best Foot Forward Europe Tour

After almost 1,5 years of pause we were finally able to kick off the new event summer with the Best Foot Forward Europe Tour! The first tour stop in Hamburg was more than just a full success! Throughout the whole summer, there will be more tour stops across Europe.

Since 2007 Zumiez has been looking for the best and most promising amateur skateboarders to offer them a stepping stone into their professional career. In 2017 the Amateur Skateboard Tour Best Foot Forward made its first stop in Europe together with Blue Tomato. Blue Tomato is planning a tour again this year. The best 3 skaters and the best female skater will be invited to the European final in Innsbruck.



    DONE- 1st stop: 29th of May 2021, Hamburg, TSG Bergedorf
    DONE- 2nd stop: 19th of June 2021, Helsinki, Micropolis Skatepark
    DONE- 3rd stop: 3rd of July 2021, Berlin, Skatehalle Berlin
    DONE- 4th stop: 10th of July 2021, Maribor, Maribor Skatepark
    DONE- 5th stop: 17th of July, Utrecht, Skatepark Utrecht

    Coming up next:
    6th stop: 7th of August, Innsbruck, Skatehalle Innsbruck
    7th stop: 14th of August, Düsseldorf, Skatepark Eller
    8th stop: 21st of August, Lens, Alaïa Chalet

    Innsbruck, Austria

    All dates and exact locations will be communicated as soon as we know that the events are feasible and safe for all participants and organisers. More tour stops will be announced (under reserve) continuously, so stay tuned. So far, tour stops in the following countries are planned: Austria, Finland, Germany, Switzerland, Slovenia, The Netherlands.

    Due to the current situation around Covid-19, there is a safety and hygiene concept that meets the highest local standards to protect everyone involved. We will keep an eye on the situation and any changes and make adjustments to the tour if necessary. Stay healthy!


    OPEN Qualifier (JAM Format): Two participants compete against each other in a heat/ run. Each heat has two minutes to prove itself and unpack the best tricks.

    FINALS (JAM Format): The best riders from the Qualifier will again compete against each other in heats with two riders each.

    SURPRISE SESSION: In addition, there will be a surprise session at one obstacle in the park per stop. What's it gonna be? Cash for Tricks? Best Trick?


    The top three skaters and the best female skater of every tourstop will be invited to the European Finals in Innsbruck. This is where the best skaters from all European tour stops meet and engage in a unique battle for awesome prizes and recognition in the scene. Due to the current situation, it is not possible to send the European winners to the finals in the USA, but we still have some great prizes for you in mind.


    Everyone is welcome to participate in the contest, regardless of skill level, gender or age. Many winners from recent years have now risen from an amateur level to the top class of skateboarding. Among them are names like Jack Olson, Alec Majerus and Chris Wimer. Two of the most successful former winners are Tom Asta and Ishod Wair, both of whom now compete in the absolute premier class of the Street League.


    Hamburg - 29.05.2021:

    The first Best Foot Forward Europe Tour stop took place on 29th of may in Hamburg at the skatepark Allerfornia (@allerfornia). The vibes were great, the sun was shining and the skaters destroyed the park in every possible way. Highlight of the day was the Surprise Session at the end of the contest by Solo Skatemag (@soloskatemag) at the mobile tribune and the gap session.


    Best Women
    Liv Broder (@liv.broder)

    1st place: Jan Hirt (@janhirt_)
    2nd place: Mika Möller (@mikachu.03)
    3rd place: Woody Hoogendijk (@woodyhdijk)

    Helsinki- 19.06.2021:

    The second stop of the Best Foot Forward Europe Tour took place in beautiful Finland for the first time! The contest went down in Helsinki at the famous Micropolis skate park (Elaintarhan Skeittipuisto).30 degrees, sun, great vibes and good music made this contest to a very special one! During the surprise session by Hangup Magazine at the pyramide all participants got creative and received some nice goodies and cash4tricks. Big thanks to the local crew of the Skate Container (Skeitti Kontti) that helped out to make this day possible.


    1st place: Briston Basola ( & Aapo Olero (@aapo.olervo)
    3rd place: Jaakko Pesonen (@jaakkoaleksipesonen)

    Berlin- 03.07.2021:

    The third stop of theBest Foot Forward Europe Tour took place in Berlin in the Skatehalle Berlin. Due to the great cooperation with the local crew 74 skaters were able to compete in the contest. In addition to that many spectators came and followed the contest by watching the live stream at the skate yard. You can rewatch the live stream on our Youtube Channel.

    Another highlight of the day was the surprise Session by Solo Skatemag. Skaters could earn some cash for tricks by going full speed on the flatrail and curb – fast money for fast tricks.


    1st place: Sascha Scharf (@saschascharfesoße)
    2nd place: Dominic Wenzel - (@dominicwenzel)
    3rd place: Deo Katunga - (@deolegotoy)

    1st place: Liv Broder - (@liv.broder)
    2nd place : Julia Kühne - (@chuuuules)
    3rd place: Alisa Fessl- (@alisa.fessl)

    Maribor- 10.07.2021:

    The fourth stop of the Best Foot Forward Europe Tour took place in Maribor for the first time ever. With skaters from 8 nations we had the most international riders field in the history of Best Foot Forward in Europe. We are more than happy to set up the contest with the Skatepark Maribor crew. Due to the great cooperation with the locals, we were able to welcome 60 skatersto the contest. Even though the sun was burning, it did not prevent the skaters from destroying the park.

    Another highlight of the day was the surprise Session hosted by the Skatepark Maribor Crew at the big stairset. All skaters were able to show off some tricks and earn some cash.


    1st place: Martin Atanasov- @martin_sk8atnsv
    2nd place: Luca Bozic - @lukabozicek
    3rd place: Kaloian Trenkov - @kaloian_trenkov

    1st place: Hana Terrell - @hanabellask8
    2nd place : Rajana Spiljak - @asfaltina_betonovic
    3rd place: Sara Pusnikl - @sara__pusnik

    Utrecht- 17.07.2021:

    The fifth stop of the Tour took place in Utrecht. The Crew from the Skatepark Utrecht made this day a success despite the stricter COVID restrictions in the Netherlands. We are happy that we could provide a safe & fun skate contest for everybody. It was the very first skate contest in the Netherlands in a year! Small but impressive: A total of 24 skaters showed what they can do best – skateboarding.

    Another highlight of the day was the surprise Session hosted by nobody less than Flatspot Magazine on the A-Frame & on the big wall. All skaters were able to show off some tricks and get some cash & nice goodies.


    1st place: Djai Marchen @djai_marcchena
    2nd place: Daniel Moragues
    3rd place: Teun Janssen @teunis_janssen

    1st place: Noor Crevels @sk8noor
    2nd place : Ulrich Adcocks @florenceskate4
    3rd place: Lotte Ket

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