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Skater Girl

Skater Girl – it’s your turn!

Skater Girl

You see more and more women on the streets that are skating? That's not surprising – no one wants to sit at home when you can spend your time with your skate crew and have a good time outside. It’s not a coincidence that most Skater Girls are adventurous, not afraid of bruised knees and always in a good mood. On top they definitely have a super casual style.

How do Skater Girls dress?

We can help you with the style! Starting at the top you should get yourself a stylish cap. So your head stays warm even on cooler days. You can get a chill long sleeve from top brands like Vans, Volcom or Santa Cruz. Most important are the right skate shoes. Only if they fit perfectly, you can really start skating. We've picked out a huge selection for you, so you'll find just the right model. Just try it on in the shop or at home. Maybe add some cute socks and you are ready for the streets.