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Blue Tomato Summer Book 2021

The Blue Tomato Summer Book 2021 is here! Get a glimpse of the latest trends and products around the skate, surf and street style scene and get inspired by the stories!

The sun is gaining strength, nature is awakening, the scents are getting more intense and we are right in the middle of it. Finally – summer is calling! Whether it's to the beach, in search of the perfect wave or into the city to the best spots. We support you on your journey and equip you with the latest trends and styles.

Get inspired and look forward to summer! For more inspiration, check out our Inspiration Worlds:

Stay Weird, Summer Vibes and Skatewear!

Here you can flip through the new Summer Book:

Take a look behind the scenes and find out more about the making of.

Click here for the making of story.

Our Inspiration Worlds

Stay Weird


Summer Vibes

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