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Axis Black Wordmark Goggle

Giro Axis Black Wordmark Goggle

€ 199,95
incluindo IVA excl. custos de envio
Côr: vivid royal/vivid infrare
Não disponível
Serviço de apoio ao cliente: +43 3687 2422 333
Tabela de tamanhos para Giro - Goggles de snowboard

Improved visibility and ingenious design

The team inspired Axis, combining the retro style of a goggle with cylindrical lenses and EXV technology. It thus provides an incomparable field of vision and, with the help of Zeiss lenses, improved optics. The clean, classic Axis look combined with the EXV technology, make for versatile eyewear for all days.

Expansion View
Developed and perfected in Giro's laboratory in Scotts Valley, California, Giro's revolutionary Expansion View Technology (EXV) represents a new frame design that creates a unique field of vision. They started with a helmet-compatible goggle design, then removed material from the frame to optimise the massive cylindrical lens and maximise the peripheral field of vision.

Vivid Lenses
Giro presents us, in cooperation with Zeiss, the Vivid Lens technology. The new, patented technology is based on decades of research into the visual experience on snow. This research resulted in an approach that improves contrast, reduces eye strain, improves reaction time, boosts self-confidence and enables precise vision without colour saturation by effectively manipulating blue light in snow. The time-honoured opinion that blue light is just as harmful to the eye as bad UV rays means that goggles and sunglasses always filter blue light as well. It's just that snow is not white. On the contrary, snow, as the surface of the world with the greatest possible reflection, is actually blue. The research results of Giro and Zeiss showed that blue light is fundamentally important for perception in order to recognise the processing of different terrain and snow conditions. For example, Vivid Lens Technology effectively manipulates blue light by enhancing the contrast of blue light while blocking harmful UV light. Essentially, Vivid filters out the haze and frees your eyes to see your line and enjoy your experience in the snow.

Vivid Onyx Lens

  • Transmittance of visible light: 14 %
  • Filter category: 2

Vivid Infrared bonus lens
  • Transmittance of visible light: 62 % 
  • Filter category: 4


  • Atributos
    Condições com alguma nebulosidade
  • Artigo núm.: 629084
  • Género:
    • Homem
    • Mulheres
  • Transmissão de luz: 14 %
    Qual a percentagem de luz visível que passa pela lente, uma maior percentagem é perfeita para condições de pouca luz e pouca percentagem é melhor para dias de céu azul.
  • Características do Goggle:
    • Lente bónus
    • Sem frame
    • Sistema de troca rápida
  • Tamanho de goggle: Médio
  • Revestimento de lente: Espelhadas
  • EXV - Expansion View technology
  • Magnetically supported quick change system
  • Injection-molded cylindrical Vivid lenses with Zeiss optics
  • Includes two Vivid Zeiss lenses - Sun / All Condition lens & Low Light lens
  • EVAKT™ Ventilation technology
  • Three-layer micro-fleece face foam
  • Anti-fog coating
  • Seamless compatibility with all Giro helmets









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Giro is in business to support your passion with their products. You live your life and hobbies at full speed; they provide the necessary safety. Their helmets, goggles and accessories protect you while snowboarding, biking and skateboarding.