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Streetwear that will make every explorer's heart beat faster

Women's Kazane hoodies
Feel comfy in the cosy Kazane hoodie

Relaxed and timeless styles, perfect for every occasion. Kazane Pullovers and shirts that were made for chilling on the couch, but will also look great on the street or at your job. Shorts, pants, jumpsuits, dresses, all of it made perfect with lots of love for details. Just the best quality in the form of flattering items that will simply make you feel good, lots of pieces that carry huge potential to become your new favourites.

Kazane is all of this and more. This brand knows what a real urban explorer is looking for: comfortable, practical clothing, that's also stylish - these are the keywords. Kazane will bring us clean streetwear for every day, simple, yet great looking. That's how we want it to be. And Kazane will do just that.

Kazane – the sound of wind

Can you hear the sound of wind? Can you feel it softly blowing through your hair? Where will it take you? Into the woods? Or straight to your favourite green spot in the city? Maybe you can only feel a light breeze, while you prepare your "dinner for one" in your van in the soft evening light. Whatever it is that makes you feel free and light - allow yourself to be carried away. Get lost in the moment and leave all the stress behind you.

All that counts for Kazane is the Here and Now. Far away from all the predefined fashion trends and the fear of missing out on something, this brand creates clean styles for exploring the world. Inspired by Japanese Sashiko embroideries, and influenced by Scandinavian design. You don't think this works well together? Get to know more on the Kazane Clothing Homepage or have a look on the Instagram Channel of the Brand.