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Dimension Zaino

POC Dimension Zaino

€ 1.299,95
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Colore: uranium black
Tempi di consegna solo da 2 a 4 giorni lavorativi
Servizio clienti: +39 0294 750 775
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The new avalanche backpack by POC

The POC Dimension avalanche backpack offers you a capacity of 25 litres and numerous carrying loops for equipment on the outside of the backpack. This makes it easy to transport skis, helmet, ice axe and more.
The adjustable frame in the back panel lets you fit the backpack perfectly to your body, and adjustable straps around the chest and waist provide extra security.
A large pocket on the outside is specially designed for avalanche equipment and lined with extremely durable materials to prevent damage and tears. 
Security is further enhanced by a RECCO® reflector and a twICEme® NFC Medical ID.

The backpack's airbag is powered by a supercapacitor, so no gas cartridges or batteries are needed. This means the backpack can be easily transported by plane and you can test deploy the airbag before heading into the backcountry. 


  • Articolo numero: 698944
  • Genere:
    • Uomo
    • Donna
  • Specifica materiali: 100 % poliestere
  • Peso: 3150 g
  • Volume (l): 25 liter
  • Caratteristiche dello zaino:
    • Scomparto per la maschera
    • Fondo rinforzato
    • Organizzazione interna
    • Cinghia in vita
    • Tasche esterne
    • Costruzione imbottita
    • Cinghia sul petto
    • Spallacci imbottiti
    • Maniglia di trasporto
  • Tipologie di zaini da valanga: Set completo
  • Airbag can be deployed multiple times and fully inflates in less than 4 seconds
  • Easy to travel as the system does not require batteries
  • Avalanche compartment
  • RECCO® rescue system reflector
  • The medical information stored on the twICEme® NFC Medical ID chip can be read by passengers and first responders with a tap of the smartphone.
  • Pocket for glasses with fleece 
  • Drainage bag for skins 
  • Carrying strap and loops
  • Carabiner loop









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A proposito di POC

Life's too short for rubbish protection. This is the way which POC sees it. The Swedish company's mission is to develop innovative protective equipment. Helmets and protectors for professional athletes as well me or you. The products are always stylish with the best available tech.

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