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The Blue Tomato Buyer's Guides

Do you need help picking out your new skateboard? Check out our Skateboard Buyer’s Guide to get all the information about decks, trucks, bushings and wheels. You will find everything you need to know about buying a skateboard here.Show more

Cruising, dancing, carving, freeride or downhill longboarding? We will help you pick out the right shape and guide you through the buying process whether you want a complete setup or a combination of your favourite deck with matching wheels, bearings and trucks.

Wakeboarding, kitesurfing, river surfing and surfing. A lot of different sports, but they all have one thing in common –you’ll need a wetsuit. Check the Wetsuit Buyer’s Guide for our recommendations from lycras to steamers and pick out the right one for you.

Do you need help deciding which Surfboard is right for you? Then don’t hesitate and head to our surfboard Buyer’s Guide. Whether you’re an advanced surfer or a beginner, shortboard or longboard rider, mini-malibu or funboard fan – we will guide you to your perfect surfboard.

PPP – park, powder or pipe? Freeride, freestyle, jib or an all mountain board? So many questions when it comes to buying a new snowboard setup, but we can help you. Check our Snowboard Buyer’s Guide to get help deciding on the right shape of the board, the right snowboard boots and snowboard bindings.

Looking for a new freeski setup for the winter season and you need help picking out the right type of freeskis? Head over to our Freeski Buyer’s Guide – here you find buying recommendations for freeskis, ski bindings, ski boots and ski poles.

The right avalanche equipment can save your life. To make sure you are safe and have the right Avalanche Receivers, Shovels and Probes, check our avalanche equipment Buyer’s Guide. We will help and guide you to find the right equipment.

Do you need help to find the right avalanche backpack for touring? We will answer all of your questions - from the right size of backpack to which airbag system. Head over to our avalanche backpack Buyer’s Guide.

Even the best snowboard does not provide you the perfect day on snow alone. The connection between you and your board is super important – the snowboard binding. We will help you find the right snowboard bindings for your riding style in no time – just head to our snowboard bindings Buyer’s Guide and we will answer all your questions.