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In the Blue Tomato Shop you find everything a man needs. It doesn´t matter which sport you are really into, action on cold snow, in blue water or on hard asphalt. We got the gear for every adrenaline addict. If you want to show what you’ve got, look perfect and find your own style you are at the right place. Because this is where we want to support every type of man with our large variety of products. You can easily take your lifestyle to your everyday life or to the nightclub thanks to our enormous street style section. Dress to impress!

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You already planned the next holiday with your friends in the snow as soon as the last season is over and then start getting your stuff together a month later? If you are an earlybird like that and surf on every trend, then we recommend the newest snow jacket and matching snow pants this year. Or are you more a last minute shopper because you just realized a few days before your holidays that the old jacket got eaten by moths. No problem for us! With an express delivery you receive basics like a new snowboard jacket as fast as a matching bandana or replacement for your over the summer lost gloves. To make sure you always have a perfect vision to maximize your days on the mountain, we recommend goggles for every weather or at least a changeable lens. You can choose from over 1000 different models in our shop.

Through our street wear section we provide you with an outfit for every situation. When it’s cold and white outside, you definitely do not have to freeze due to a warm winter jacket and a pair of comfortable winter shoes. When it´s in the middle of summer and you are waiting in the line for some ice cream, avoid to sweat with a nice t-shirt, a light short and matching sneakers or airy sandals. To round up every outfit you should think about a belt against dropping pants, a top brand cap against the sun and a sweet watch, so you don´t come too late to your next date!