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Snowboard equipment for kids

With the right snowboard equipment kids will learn how to snowboard much quicker. We'll explain what to look out for when buying a new snowboard for girls or boys.

Since more than 30 years we provide snowboarders of all ages with suitable products and we have everything your offspring will need on the slopes. If you prefer a personal consultation, our experts in the shops or at the customer service are there for you. They will help you choose the right equipment.

Adapted to the needs of kids

Our kids' snowboards are of high quality and adapted to the needs of the kids. They are flexible enough to make turning easier, thus guaranteeing a high learning curve and lots of fun.
Kids' snowboard sets are particularly suitable for the beginning, as the board is already offered with the matching binding. Snowboard boots are not included in a set.

Find the right snowboard length

It is important that the snowboard fits the ability and stature of your kid. To choose the right snowboard length, you can take into account the height and weight. We recommend that the board reaches between your child's chest and chin.
In general we can say that the shorter the board, the more suitable it is for learning. If your kid is already good at snowboarding, you can choose a longer board.

Kids snowboard size chart

Kids snowboard size chart

Snowboard length (cm) Body height (cm) Weight (kg)
80 < 110 11-17
85 - 95 110 15-23
95 - 105 120 18-27
105 - 115 130 25-35
115 - 125 140 32-45
125 - 135 150 40-47
135 - 145 160 45-65

*The weight is a reference value. For all products we indicate the body weight for which the respective length is suitable.

The right snowboard boots for kids

When buying a snowboard boot, it is important that they are comfortable and well-fitting. Measure the length of the feet (with snowboard socks) in centimetres and note the value. Compare the value with the Mondopoint values in the size chart with the respective products. Round up rather than down when in doubt. But don't buy boots that are too big - they don't give your child enough support and may create blisters.

The right snowboard binding for kids

Snowboard bindings are important because they are the connection between rider and board. Ease of use is the most important thing when choosing them. Also bindings come in different sizes. Check the size chart before you order and make sure that the boots fit well with the bindings.

What equipment do kids need for snowboarding?

We have compiled a list for you with everything else your child needs:

  • Water-repellent snowboard jacket, snowboard pants and gloves
  • Warm fleece pullover and neck warmer
  • Breathable technical underwear and snowboard socks
  • Protective snowboard helmet with matching snowboard goggles
  • Optional: a comfortable back protector