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Toko – The right ski and snowboard care

Do you put both feet on your skis or snowboard? Then Toko’s products are right for you! In order to prolong the life of your sport’s equipment as long as possible, it requires regular care and maintenance. In the world of professional winter sports success is often determined by fractions of seconds, so optimising your equipment as much as possible is crucial. This Swiss company has got it covered. Since 1933 it has been producing high quality tools and care products for snow sports equipment.

From wax to tools – The Toko Care Line

The Toko range includes various types of wax, including hot wax.
The company also offers tools such as edge tuners, waxing equipment and repair kits for base damage, to name but a few. The demands and needs of both recreational and professional winter athletes are taken into equal consideration. Toko places great importance on offering skiers and snowboarders the benefits of quality and precision through the servicing and tuning of their equipment. All of their products are manufactured entirely in Switzerland.

For more fun in the snow

You don’t have to be a pro to understand that well maintained equipment lasts longer. It’s also more enjoyable to use. Well waxed skis offer benefits to amateurs, as well as pros. Their glide is greatly improved, which results in more comfortable, effortless riding. It doesn’t matter if you are an alpine, racing or nordic skier, your edges needs regular care and attention in order for you to get the best turns out of them. Toko offers you a great range of essential tools and resources for board and ski maintenance.

Tools and resources from the professionals at Toko

Toko‘s different products, large and small, simplify the care of your skis or snowboard. This long-standing, traditional company offers your practical fixation equipment, space saving, all-round screwdrivers for on the go and countless other tools. The application and practicality of each tool is always at the forefront during its design. Toko thoroughly test all of their products to ensure their optimal usability. Their main concerns are long-life and optimized performance. It is no coincidence that numerous world and Olympic champions trust and rely on the quality of this highly successful brand from Altstätten, Switzerland.

More benefits for the winter athlete

Having well maintained equipment is the key to all snowsports. As well as the obvious benefits, caring for your gear regularly also gives you something extra. Through working on your board or skis you also learn more about their individual characteristics and properties, and their strengths and weaknesses. In turn, you can use this knowledge to improve your technique and assess your abilities on the snow - so ski and boardsports don’t necessarily begin outside. With the right knowledge about your equipment, you can have more fun and improve your skills. By improving the performance and prolonging the life of your skis or snowboard, you are also guaranteed to enjoy your days on the slopes even more – check out the extensive range of Toko products at Blue Tomato.