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Jump back to the year 1924, Paris, where the Olympic summer games were taking place. A British sports shoe manufacturer equips the participating athletes with running shoes.
The family business has been around in the sporting world since 1895, but only became recognised under the name of “Reebok” in the middle of the 20th century. Reebok is derived from the Afrikaans word for antelope which symbolises athleticism and running shoes of all kinds.
The brand was discovered in the early 80s by the aerobics fitness movement, gaining huge popularity thanks to an unusual and classic style. An instantly recognisable feature from this era are the trainers with a velcro strapping closure.
Through the processing of high-quality materials, Reebok has established itself as a world-renowned brand and expanded their range of clothing and accessories over time. Since 2006, the company is a subsidiary of Adidas AG.

Classic unique sneakers for Men and Women

A more classic, clean cut than the Reebok Classic shoes are rare. With their timeless shape and thick sole, they meet the highest standards of comfort and style. But do not be fooled by the well-known exterior, for whoever lives in the past does not get far. The design team can combine high-tech with a trendy retro design, such as the Furylite sneaker, which is available in a variety of colour variations.
The beauty of Reebok products is that, despite all the innovative design inputs, they never forget their sporty origins. A prime example is the GL 6000 winter shoes, which have been inspired by hiking boots and incorporate classic Reebok elements. Reebok knows how to combine decades of experience with unusual style.


Thanks to a continuous enthusiasm for fitness and fair play, Reebok is a dominant label in the fitness market. For this reason, respect for human rights is an elementary part of the corporate social responsibility. Reebok works closely with partners at all levels of the value chain to implement the adidas Group Workplace Standards.
People’s fitness is at the forefront of the sporting goods manufacturer and the design team is geared towards their customers to promote this.
The goal is not only to offer innovative sports equipment but to spur all women and men to get the best out of themselves. Through non-profit activities, fitness projects and the Crossfit movement are supported because Reebok stands for the fitness lifestyle all along the line.