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Loaded Tan Tien 8.75" x 39" Flex 1 Skate Completo

€ 333,95
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Progressive and technically advanced carver by Loaded. 

The Loaded Tan Tien complete longboard is a progressive and extremely responsive longboard.  
Due to the low centre of gravity of the drop-through longboard trucks assembly, this freeride board offers particularly high stability and smooth riding skills even at high speeds.
Thanks to the symmetrical deck shape with full cutouts, you don't have to expect annoying wheel bites while owering through slides. 


Note: Wheel and truck colours may vary due to stock shortage.


  • Artigo núm.: 519928
  • Para:
    • Homem
    • Mulheres
    • Rapazes
    • Raparigas
  • Especificações de Material: 100 % wood
  • Riding Style: Carving
  • Largura de prancha: 8,75 inch
    1 polegada = 2,54 cm
  • Comprimento (inch): 39 inch
  • Largura: 22,25 cm
  • Comprimento (cm): 99 cm
    1 polegada = 2,54 cm
  • Montagem de Trecos: Drop-through
    drop-through ou top-mount
  • Distância entre eixos: 27 inch
    Distância entre o treco da frente e o treco de trás.
  • Largura do suporte: 7 inch
    Largura da parte principal do treco, sem os pins. 1 polegada = 2,54 cm
  • Ø de roda: 70 mm
  • Rigidez das Rodas: 78A
    Normalmente de 75A (macia - silenciosa, aderência) a 101A (dura - rápida, técnica)
  • Loaded complete Longboard
  • Flex 1: 170-270+ lbs/75-122+ kg
  • completely mounted
  • Bamboo Core
  • Epoxy and triax fiberglass construction
  • Symmetrical shape with camber
  • Orangatang Stimulus Longboard Wheels
  • Paris 50° longboard trucks

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For the past 10 years, Loaded have provided the industry with high quality, hand-made bamboo longboards and snowboards. Each and every board produced is the culmination of generations of skill and knowledge, and in the age of mass consumption Loaded is a much needed breath of fresh air. Instead of fighting competitors and trying to outsmart their fellow manufacturers, Loaded are fully dedicated to growing the board sports industry through performance, community, and creative expression.