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Tree Splitter 2024 Powder Surfer

K2 Tree Splitter 2024 Powder Surfer

€ 150,- € 199,95 25 % poupados
incluindo IVA excl. custos de envio
Côr: design
Tempo de entrega somente 4 a 6 dias úteis
Serviço de apoio ao cliente: +43 3687 2422 333
Tabela de tamanhos para K2 - Snowskates e Powder Surfers

New to the K2 line to surf deep powder or your backyard

Don't we all dream of fresh pow, of surfing our backyard when it snows in the city, and even the terrain park, like on a surfboard? With the K2 Tree Splitter, you can do just that. Without bindings, you'll find a completely new skiing experience in almost any terrain.
Hold on tight because the Tree Splitter puts the pedal to the metal.
Riding style
Pure surf feeling in any terrain but a total joy especially in deep pow.

The Tree Splitter comes with a Directional Rocker Shape for plenty of float.

The Directional Rocker profile gives you absolute float in powder and control in any terrain. 
The Tree Splitter comes with a soft veneer core, just like in the old days. The extruded 2000 base is easy to maintain, while the traction pad is soft and grippy. Hold on to the paracord leash on the way down and enjoy the ride.


  • Atributos
    Estabilidade, melhor equilíbrio e controlo contínuo dos cantos
  • Atributos
    Nose largo e tail estreito para uma flutuabilidade espetacular em powder
  • Artigo núm.: 715873
  • Género:
    • Homem
    • Mulheres
    • Crianças
  • Peso: 3070 g
  • Estilo de ride: Freeride
  • Nível de ride:
    • Intermédio
    • Avançado
  • Rigidez: 7
  • Flex: Rígido
  • País de produção: China
  • Base: Extruded
    Extruded: low maintenance and extremely durable, ideal for jibbers and weekend shredders
    Sintered: hard and fast, but a little higher maintenance, the best choice for powder
    Premium: highest quality and speed with carbon/graphite additives
  • Núcleo: Veneer
  • Características: Downsize
  • Directional Rocker Shape
  • Veneer core
  • Extruded base
  • Traction pad with good grip
  • Paracord Leash included 









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Coming off of over 50 years of experience, based in one of the snow densest spots on earth, K2 know a thing or two about snow sports. If you want serious innovation and world-class technology that will let you play your heart out and put a bright smile on your face, K2 is the company for you.