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Levi’s® and the Skateboard-Scene

We've loved skateboarding for as long as we can remember. A few years ago, the world-famous Levi's® brand also recognized that no other sport triggers so many feelings of freedom. A perfect match for a brand that stands for freedom and individualism.
Skaters from all over the world have discovered the robust jeans already for a long time. The cult jeans have always been worn in parks and bowls.

Levi’s® Skateboard Collection

Levi’s® are characterized above all by their longevity and classic cuts. Now this tried and tested design is given a spark of more resistance, comfort and special equipment. Everything to ensure that the clothing meets the high demands of skateboarders.

Developed and tested by Skateboarders

Every item of the collection has been thought through by skaters. A ripstop material was added to the denim which offers exceptional abrasion resistance to protect your jeans and your skin from cracks. Real handy. Additional functional details include extra seams for more resilience and polyamide for more freedom of movement.

Levi’s® Skateboarding™ - More than just Jeans

But not only trousers - also jackets, shirts and sweaters find their way into the brand new Levi's® SkateboardingTM Collection. The new Levi's® skate fever is rounded off by the support of small skate shops, fundraising campaigns and the construction of skate parks.

The Triumph of the Blue Jeans

It all started with the practical Levi Strauss & Co waist overall. These durable trousers were designed by Levi Strauss and tailor Jacob W. Davis for the San Francisco workers. The special feature: Main pressure points were reinforced with copper rivets. Fortunately the two entrepreneurs have patented this innovative idea. A few years later many hardworking workmen in blue trousers with copper details were seen in the far West of North America. Due to the great fit and good quality, the workmen also wore them in their free time. They really lived in their jeans.

The Uniform of Freedom

Already after a short time, the long-lasting work clothes were worn by everyone on their quest for freedom. Not only mine workers and cowboys, but also rebels and rock stars dressed in the popular blue jeans. Even presidents were seen in these “working pants. ” What a triumph for dungarees. Nowadays, the brand is best known for its crisply fitting jeans.