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149 Forged Hollow Mid Truck

Independent 149 Forged Hollow Mid Truck

€ 44,95
IVA inclusa escl.i costi di spedizione
Colore: silver
  Include: 1 pezzo
Non disponibile
Servizio clienti: +39 0294 750 775
Tabella delle taglie per Independent - Truck da skate

Independent Trucks Size Chart

The width of the trucks should match the deck width. The skate truck is specified with either the hanger width or the truck width.
You can find the recommended Independent trucks for your skate deck in this table.

Truck size Axle width (inch) Deck width (inch)
129 7.6” 7.375”-7.75”
139 8.0” 7.8”-8.2”
144 8.25” 8.2”-8.375”
149 8.5” 8.375”-8.6”
159 8.75” 8.6”-9.0”
169 9.125” 9.0”-9.5”
215 10.0” 9.5”-10.5



Skate trucks venduti separatamente. Per un paio di truck, perfavore selezionare due.


  • Caratteristiche
    Medium trucks for versatility
  • Articolo numero: 695714
  • Genere:
    • Uomo
    • Donna
    • Bambino
  • Larghezza truck: 8.5 inch
    La larghezza esterna dei truck, incluso il perno che blocca le ruote. La larghezza dei truck corrisponde circa alla larghezza tavola. 1 pollice = 2,54 cm
  • Ampiezza asse: 5.9 inch
    Larghezza della parte principale dei truck, senza i perni. 1 pollice = 2,54 cm









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A proposito di Independent

With nearly 30 years skateboard experience, the Independent Truck Company is best known for their high quality skateboard trucks, bearings and brushings. Made from super high quality materials, they guarantee you a smooth ride and less wear and tear than any other brand on the market.