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Victor de Le Rue

Victor de Le Rue

Rider Profile
Birthday: 08.06.1989
Nation: France
Residence: St. Lary
Favourite resort: St. Lary
Sponsors: Blue Tomato, THE NORTH FACE, Oakley, Jones Snowboards, Vans, Buff, Black Diamond

Victor de Le Rue is definitely one of the best snowboarders out there. His breakthrough came with the film project “The Fourth Phase” by Travis Rice. Despite his young age, he’s already been part of numerous snowboardmovies and won the Freeride World Tour in his rookie season.

Do you remember your first day on a snowboard and how long ago is that?
Not exactly the first day, but first days, yes for sure. Sore and wet ass. My mum was helping me, she was skiing next to me and I was holding her pole. After 5 days I was over it and wanted to quit. I talked about it with my 3 brothers and my sister and they answered I should try just a little bit more and then I'll get to the point where it gets fun! That’s what I did and now I am having a blast every day on my board. I am very thankful :)

What was the first trick you learned and would you still consider it a trick?
I remember doing Frontside 360s, best feeling ever, but I tried for a looong time to get them. Then a front roll, I was getting completely lost but stomped some of them. This feeling of landing a new trick and improving was so good and pushed me to go forward .

What was your dream job as a kid?
I wanted to be owner of a supermarket because I thought people would need food any way so it would be a not fun but safe choice.

What do your friends say/like/hate about you?
My socks smell

Who is your favorite Snowboarder of all time/active right now
Kazu(hiro Kokubo)

What's your favorite place to ride?
I just like to diversify, that’s what brings me fun! To be riding one day a sick slushy park with friends, then go shoot some powder somewhere where it's deep, then another day go shred some lines in AK etc.

Where do you want to be in 5 years?
I want to be in the same office having as much fun as I do nowadays :)

We invite ourselves to your home, what do you cook for us?
If you tell me in advance, I'll prepare you a nice local soup with cabbage, meat, beans, carrots etc. It’s called garbure, we have it only in the pyrenees.

What scares the crap out of you?
When I am in the backcountry, hiking or just being there every time I hear weird noises, or I see cracks in the snow, my whole body gets so terrified... I hate it big time, had a bunch of nightmares about it..

Are you already recognized on the street, do kids as for your autographs?
Nope, what about yourself?

Have you ever googled yourself?
Yes, what about yourself?

Do you have a crew that you mostly ride with?
I love being with the A Branler Crew (we’re bunch of stupid french guys having fun, and having a rad time when we get to be together...)

Do you remember your first Snowboard?
Hell yeah, it’s still in my bedroom. A hooger booger board, purple, green and black with a huge feather on the nose :) Tiny alpine board that I was riding with ski boots.

When did you have your first drink? Do you remember the night?
At my brothers Polo birthdays, when he was maybe 16, so I was 11. They were just passing around the porone full of moscatel and I ended up really drunk :)

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